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Partial supplier asks to rise in price Woerma will " serious consideration "

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"Day balance price " the fascia characteristic that is Woerma, and in this backside, it is its very strict to supplier price control. A few days ago, rise in view of of all kinds cost pressure, face raising price is " dead " , the option of be in a dilemma that the meeting that raise price is played to give supplier team, partial supplier still chose to raise the requirement that raise price to Wo Erma. To this, respect of fertile Er Ma expresses yesterday, can consider the reasonable requirement raising price of partial supplier appropriately. "With collect fees various domestic Le Fuxiang is compared, wo Erma is collecting fees the respect still compares a standard, such as celebrates the project that expends and so on to wait without inn, nevertheless Woerma is to sell a middling pressure price greatly however the fiercest. " some food supplier introduces, what Wo Erma advocates is the kinds or types of goods with can be sold more cheaper than adversary in the market, the control to commodity price is so stricter, and to the supplier of a few category the autograph makes an appointment with cycle to also do not grow, because once Woerma discovers more cheap congener product supplier, they can change at any time, profit space of the supplier is so more limited. This are behaved more outstandingly in domain of product of textile, dress at present. Supplier of product of a dress discloses, pay of cost of of all kinds now raw material, employee have different proportional rise. "I still offer native land kinds or types of goods basically to Woerma now, still do not involve the loss of foreign currency wave motion of exit so, but when we or plan fall one round to talk about order with Woerma, the requirement raises price, as to the specific scale that raise price, we can have consideration according to the state of oneself. " this supplier says. As we have learned, product of this locality in the product that at present Woerma sells in China achieves 95% above, already established cooperative relationship with nearly 20 thousand suppliers, in addition, wo Erma is in China the whole world that still sets oneself purchases a center, its divide different department according to category of distinct kinds or types of goods, to appropriate native land supplier, woermahui purchases its product to export, takes technological process is transparent quote system, below the condition that assures quality and certain proportion gross profit, select the price appropriate person, the acceptance that sees abroad importer even of course is spent. "Appreciate as a result of the RMB at present, can affect the supplier of native land dress that involves export partly really, and they also put forward to carry valence will. " Woerma purchases a respect to disclose about personnel. And to the near future the report points out Woerma the supplier " force on blind alley " , the view of strong demand a low price, this personnel expresses, wo Erma is in all the time and relevant supplier exchanges views, if abroad importer is willing to accept, and if the range that native land supplier raises price is more reasonable also, wo Erma can consider the moderate demand of the supplier that raise price. Respect of area of China of fertile Er Ma expresses yesterday about personnel, wo Erma takes seriously very much all the time and the supplier's collaboration concerns, so they can consider the requirement that the supplier raises seriously for certain. In addition, committee of retail supplier major represents Chinese trade union, from domestic Le Fu tall collect fees, to bargain problem of Woerma, the contradiction between large shopkeeper and supplier exists all the time, and go protecting without industry standard when the thing person interest, put settlement issue to solve whole industry, had drafted to concern at present 0 for trading the standard of behavior standard, refer concerned branch to examine and approve, reckon near future Department of Commerce can issue this standard, involve among them 0 for between collect fees money of project, knot of all kinds and easy the problem that causes contradiction, its hope to adopt this standard, can interlink commerce in the standard on certain level 0 supply a system.

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