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The course of study that wash hair is sure to move toward specialization change

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Company of garden of the rich in Shandong Yan city passes effort of a few years, application washs wool sewage 0 discharge much loop to handle patent technology, after realizing the sewage disposal that wash hair, answer entirely with, section water 95% above, to wash wool industry cleanness production, energy-saving environmental protection is new-style the research and development of the machine that wash hair and application, trash reclaims use the condition that created maturity. Sun Chengyi thinks, before long in the future, the traditional industry that wash hair will become the new idea with high content of science and technology to wash Mao Hang course of study. "Of the industry that wash hair specialization, dimensions changes development imperative, with what disperse the miniature, idea that is battle severally processes a business via battalion abb, where be to will be washed out no matter, make the history. " Sun Chengyi is in international Wool Textile Organization forecasts in the last word on the 77th conference: Wash wool to make progress an industry eventually.

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