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Do difficult position of shoe leather industry and new labor law have how old re

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On recent two meetings, delegate of a few entrepreneur is right new execute " labor contract law " offer criticism, thought to raise an enterprise to use labor cost, bring about an enterprise to manage difficulty. This kind of view also got the support of a few economist and jurisconsult. Really, since the closest period of time, company operation cost promotes quickly, one part labor is concentrated model exit treatment company is in centrally especially bead the get into trouble of medium and small businesses of trigonometry area, even because this appeared,the enterprise closes down to be removed with the foreign trader endowment phenomenon. But what we need to try carefully to discriminate is, the difficulty that before exit machines an enterprise to become, faces has how old on degree with " labor contract law " about. On this foundation, our rejoin more the problem of fundamental sex: Of China " labor contract law " be to exceed international rule really? " labor contract law " what is executive influence after all? Company operation difficulty and " labor contract law " have after all how old relation? Objective analysis brings about exit to machine the main factor of company operation difficulty, basically have the following sides: The first, raw material and upriver product value rise considerably. Integrated computation, because raw material reachs upriver product to rise in price, cost of domestic company production rose 20% to 30% , become the first factor that prompts company cost to rise. Because labor is concentrated model treatment industry is small profit originally, the sensitive degree that rises to cost surpasses manufacturing industry far. So, raw material and upriver product rise in price concentrated to labor model the influence that machines industry, a bit no less than is opposite manufacturing industry and resource are concentrated model industrial influence. The 2nd, the change of policy of domestic and international trade. In last few years, pull ceaselessly as a result of international trade favourable balance big, the RMB appreciates pressure is accumulated ceaselessly, home was forced to adjust foreign trade to export policy. Adjustment fundamental direction is concentrated to labor model the exit of low treatment industry gives limitation. This made very big cost to these enterprises, wait for traditional advantage industry to headgear of spin shoe cap, gem, leather, chemical industry, feed especially impact is the biggest, and these enterprises are in centrally again bead trigonometry area. The 3rd, the RMB accelerates appreciating effect. And the effect that does not say the RMB appreciates to own share to the market, consider to change an element only, the extent that the RMB appreciates means exit to machine the degree that the profit that industry measures finally with the RMB is offsetted directly. Direct most apparent spin garment industry is in order to export exemple: Spin garment industry was affected to offset the RMB appreciates 2006, exit raises price range for 7.37% , the RMB appreciates extent is 3.35% , simple calculation, textile profit still can grow 4.02% ; And arrived 2007, exit of spin garment industry raises price range for 7.26% , the RMB appreciates extent was achieved however 6.85% , rate of textile profit growth fell actually 0.41% . The 4th, financing cost promotes. It is property spurt in prices waits in stock and estate while, the investment gain that exports treatment company is very small. Below this kind of circumstance, it is the capital of only standard with yield, quickly from profit margin very small exit treatment company is poured out of, turn and flow into stock and real estate. 2 it is the Central Bank gradually the monetary policy of crimple, farther aggravate capital of exit treatment company is difficult. The commercial bank anticipates originally medium or small exit treatment company will rise as a result of cost, the RMB appreciates, the United States second borrow the crisis the reason foreground such as the influence is not hopeful, increased the credit risk of these enterprises consequently; And the Central Bank limits loan scope strictly, to manage gain, the commercial bank has the enthusiasm systole loan to these enterprises more.

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