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Wei Qiao: Textile of much department survey " take a sudden turn "

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Zou makes the same score a station eastwards hundreds meters, it is poineering group of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei (Hong Kong couplet hands in place to appear on the market number: 2698) headquarters seat. Poineering group of bridge of Inc. of spin of bridge of poineering group of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei, the Kingdom of Wei, the Kingdom of Wei recieves a center the building of a few air, with the station around low building, form contrast brightly. This year since the beginning of the year, this did not connect the small county of railroad up to now, had recieved include national hair to change appoint, the many survey team such as association of Chinese textile industry, their job is same -- industry of understanding place spin, especially Wei Qiao the moving circumstance this year, existence problem, accept the order the circumstance of produce and sale, case that gets all sorts of element effects, right annual walks along the judgement of situation, and. Wei Qiao, be considered as the enterprise of Chinese textile vane all the time, in 20 years of in the past, development becomes China and even Asia's biggest cotton spin company. But in April 2008, first " stop production of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei 2 million ingot " hearsay, cause panic inside course of study however: If Wei Qiao manages no less than going to, chinese textile will how? "Stop production 2 million ingot should not be true. " by April 2008, a public figure of local economy group tells our newspaper the reporter: "But Wei Qiao manages a situation to affirm this year also too won't good, during the Spring Festival, ground of occur for the first time put Wei Qiao 10 days false, is not the 3-4 day of in former years, this is on one hand " labor contract law " influence, additional on one hand, also have the factor that order drops for certain. "   about this, the response of government of poineering bloc of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei is: "Spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei regards China as the biggest cotton spin company, do not suffer the effect of market big environment impossibly. " an officer that once joined survey activity tells   our newspaper reporter, discover in survey process, the influence profit element that spin industry cares most includes new " labor contract law " carry out, national credit policy is carried out, change of RMB exchange rate, exit drawback change, energy-saving decrease platoon and coal report oil to carry raw material rises in price. According to the statistic of association of Chinese textile industry, below all sorts of element combined influence, at present the rate of company real profit of entire industry 2/3 has 0.62% only.

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