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Brief judge: Data of monthly of spin garment industry is commented

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Dress of our country textile exported the forehead to grow 49.19 % compared to the same period in March, add fast considerably promotion and go up base of year of the corresponding period is inferior about. Look from quarterly data, exit is added fast downtrend still apparent. Manufacturing cost rises and the RMB appreciates quickly still is the main factor that restrains textile clothing company to export enthusiasm, with the exit that improved March data can not judge those who export a circumstance to improve at this point. We continue to maintain very not optimistic to exit view, annual is spun take exit to add fast likelihood to be controlled in 16 % . In global inflation sound the setting of tall look forward to falls, CPI of dress of domestic dry goods takes power show delicate. However PPI presents swift ascendant state however, enhanced inflation to anticipate. We think to be in prospective period of time, dress kind the phenomenon that PPI and CPI hang may disappear, both growth direction will tend consistent, and with be being given priority to up. In exit suffocate suffocate, inflation anticipates formation background falls, market of dress sale in domestic market showed god-given prosperity. The addition of product sales volume drove spin dress to consume the promotion of amplitude of accumulative total of total volume of retail sales. The change that this also is used to with the promotion of level of income of urban and rural dweller and consumption is inseparable. The prosperity of market of sale in domestic market also can see clue from manufacturing end, we have quarterly data flowing discovery, the production of fabrics and dress is added fast maintained relatively smooth level, but upriver yarn crop is added fast drop faster. From appear on the market 7 years of annual report of company and circumstance of 8 years of 1 quarterly reports look, state of battalion of already of dress look forward to is close friends at spin enterprise. The gross profit of clothing company is led and net interest rate, income and net gain are added fast all prep above spins look forward to, and outstanding achievement glides the enterprise is occupied more remarkable than wanting under spin enterprise. Although suffer cost of snow calamity, production to rise, the RMB appreciates quickly wait for adverse element influence, 1 quarter appears on the market interest rate of wool of company average sale still won promotion. And of net glide we think to be sold with the industry off-season have particular concern. Of 1 quarter yield decrease affected enterprise outstanding achievement we continue to think to answer to pursueing the business that improvement trade, OEM gives priority to proper and evasive; The spin company that creates link to be in middle reaches gives neuter grade, and the link of downstream to capable control channel, brand clothing company that shares market of sale in domestic market to flourish greatly most gives add hold grade. Recommend a company continuously: Bird of announce good news (love, prices, information) (002154) , 7 wolves (love, prices, information) (002029) , Wei star share (love, prices, information) (002003) , Ruibeika (love, prices, information) (600149) .

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