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Phoenix bamboo spin: Achieve cast force of labor of Olympic Games concept to bur

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Below the setting that policy face warms wind frequency is blown, energy of life of person of near future market picks up continuously, drive grail to rebound strong. Two city present general to go up again now pattern, of all kinds subject matter performance is very brisk, resource kind, the concept such as spaceflight war industry, Olympic Games also begins to shine brilliantly. Meanwhile, as do poineering work board be about to roll out, achieve drop an idea also make market central point for a time. Achieve now drop an idea once more active, nantong science and technology (love, prices, information) again strong harden, industry of drug of health predestined relationship (love, prices, information) , Dalian pyroelectricity (love, prices, information) etc achieve drop an idea also in succession strong rise. And achieve as what low actors or actress character drop an idea Feng Zhu spin (love, prices, information) (600493) goes up sign is clear lag, hopeful fills go up. In achieve drop an idea below strong background, still hold an Olympic Games and 3 concepts concurrently at the same time, have very large estimate to be worth a space, suggest the key pays close attention to. Inc. of science and technology of phoenix bamboo spin and masses are public (love, prices, information) , Ning Bo charm rises (love, prices, information) at the same time share establishs Shanghai to start limited company of bright poineering investment, and the mission of this company appears on the market to having namely the Pre-IPO company of latent capacity undertakes equity invests. Shanghai promotes limited company of bright poineering investment to register capital to be 240 million yuan, phoenix bamboo spin will be contributive 20 million yuan, 8.333% what occupy its to register capital. Shanghai promotes bright to basically will be aimed at tall growing sex, have appear on the market the Pre-IPO company of latent capacity undertakes equity invests, management prospect is good, if these companies can come true,appear on the market, company hopeful obtains equity yield. Beijing Olympic Games also will make 2008 phoenix bamboo spin (600493) is indebted on quite old rate. The company rolled out moisture absorption to discharge sweat this year, fight bacterium deodorant, fight fabrics of ultraviolet three-in-one function, and anion scent fabrics two old new products many 20 100 a variety of is fully loaded with of Olympic Games and Chinese amorous feelings taste fabrics newly, satisfied sneaker to take the Olympic Games complex of the brand, company also benefit is not shallow, li Ning, special the sponsor of national group things such as pace, Jordan, Hong Xinger gram is in recommend the mouth of to Feng Zhu spin new product support on the meeting incessant! Phoenix bamboo spin is in in recent years Jiangxi and the new life that Shandong fish stage builds produce base general this year all and finishing, the productivity of the company soars, add main attack gross profit to lead fabrics of tall athletic function sex, gain foreground is worth to see tall a gleam of. In addition, the company is located in Fujian, it is 3 two city ideas of rare, in the meantime, its also are the torch plan key that ministry of national science and technology holds company of new and high technology, development potential is tremendous. Fujian borders Taiwan, it is one of province with Taiwan businessman most investment, open " 3 " the classics trade connection that is sure to enhance two land further, drive Fujian economy progress. Phoenix bamboo spin also will be benefited because of this. Phoenix bamboo spin (600493) serves as low, collect Olympic Games, achieve cast, 3 concepts at a suit, it is the spin bibcock company with very strong competition ability, have very vast heavy appraise space undoubtedly, hopeful is quickened on attack, suggest investor pays close attention to actively.

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