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Zhou Xiaochuan: Inflation 2 quarters hopeful alleviates do not eliminate to add

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Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, coulee of week of Central Bank president attends international 4 days to liquidate bank meeting clearance to express in Brussels this month, be in seasonal below the influence of the element, inflationary pressure hopeful of China is in 2 quarters get alleviating this year, but the state of annual still is put in uncertainty. Governmental working report goes up the CPI this year a target control in 4.8% , but the CPI amplitude of before this year 3 months was achieved 8.0% , for the top level that comes nearly 12 years. Zhou Xiaochuan points out, cause the partial reason of CPI tall look forward to is the Spring Festival is seasonal first quarter demand place drives. And disappear as this one element, he thinks the inflationary pressure of 2 quarters drops likely. But because at present price of international market commissariat is mixed of price of other heavy goods go situation still not Anacreontic, accordingly, go to the CPI of annual situation, zhou Xiaochuan did not give out to anticipate clearly. Run data to be about to announce as the economy April, each orgnaization to April and the CPI of 2 quarters undertook forecasting. Gao Cheng predicts CPI index will be resided April do not fall high, CPI compared to the same period amplitude is likely from March 8.3% rebound to 8.5% . Shen Yinmo country released a report to predict CPI was April yesterday 8.3% , with kept balance March. Zhou Xiaochuan emphasizes saying, the Central Bank does not eliminate to add breath, but adding besides breath, adjust CPI still has a lot of kinds of kind. On the issue that uses this one tool or other tool, the Central Bank has certain choice room. This and he is in this year during two meetings make known his position to did not produce change. Analytic personage points out, of Zhou Xiaochuan make known his position again, make the market at present weak to adding the anticipation of breath to be decreased somewhat. Nevertheless, the report of a research that the Construction Bank issued a few days ago thinks, cannot eliminate the Central Bank to undertake in 2 quarters asymmetry increases the likelihood of breath. Although the Central Bank still did not employ interest rate tool inside year, but as beautiful couplet store lower interest again and again, sino-US benefit difference expands continuously, and this aggravate hot money is short-term inside the motivation that flows into China. To this, zhou Xiaochuan expresses, the Central Bank sheds drifting case in money of close and censorial heat all the time, a few unusual capital flow won't produce serious effect to Chinese monetary policy. He is mentioned, after the United States lowers interest recently, investor of very much short line begins the investment opportunity of advertent China, this may produce a few new cases. In speak of affect global United States second when lending an issue, zhou Xiaochuan says, what seldom count only is medium hold of orgnaization of capital be in harmony second debt assets, scope is quite limited also, in orgnaization of capital be in harmony is capable to overcome the effect that second debt place brings. And second borrow bring about American economy to put delay, make the United States appeared to glide from the dimensions of Chinese entrance product, zhou Xiaochuan expresses, on the whole, chinese export growth is quite driving still. His complement says, chinese export business still will export the market to extend to other area, especially Asia and Europe, this conduces to on certain level in making up for the United States to consume hasten delay to be opposite endowment the loss that export business causes. On the problem of RMB exchange rate that gets attention fully, zhou Xiaochuan reiterates again, RMB exchange rate depends on greatly the supply demand relations of the market.

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