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Textile invests slam the brakes on first quarter

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The statistical information that national statistic bureau released a few days ago shows, fixed assets of town of 1-3 month whole nation invests accumulative total to finish one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one billion six hundred and ninety-four million yuan this year, grow 25.9% compared to the same period, but deduct fixed assets to invest the price of 8.6% go up, real investment growth is only 16% , than last year the four seasons spends 19.3% glide apparently. Compare and character, slowdown of investment of fixed assets of spin entire industry is more apparent, 1-3 month accumulative total completes investment 44.09 billion yuan, grow 13.1% only compared to the same period. Wang Qian of editor in chief of network of the first spin enters China express, some closer year, fixed assets investment is to pull all the time those who move spin economy growth is main " engine " one of, spin trade investment is quick " drop in temperature " the trend makes a person afraid, whole industry boom anticipates glide. And from child in light of the industry, cap of shoe of textile of before this year two months, dress and chemical fibber complete investment respectively 25.31 billion yuan, 13.57 billion yuan mix 5.21 billion yuan, grow 9.2% compared to the same period respectively, 26.9% with 2.1% , amplitude relatively reduced 10.3 10.1 percent, percent and 24.7 percent respectively last year. Bark advancement points out, spin investment appears " slam the brakes on " the fall after a rise of type, besides be slanted by national monetary policy tighten an influence and fall after a rise has particular concern outside, still concern with snow disaster impact. In the meantime, bark advancement thinks, boom of whole spin industry anticipates glide, partial enterprise is affected to follow-up investment faith, the likelihood stems from wait-and-see phase, the fixed assets investment that also causes domestic company is added fast drop. And chemical fibber child the periodic feature of the industry is added in fixed assets investment again fast in take in everything in a glance. From the point of investigation, quite spin enterprise of the amount is decreased stopped to go up newly project, this is helpful for reducing industry blind low-level repeat construction. But also partial enterprise decelerated ability to change pace, a few industries such as high-grade grey, fabrics upgrade the project is laid aside in great quantities, may delay the step that progress of technology of our country textile industry, industry upgrades.

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