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Turn outside clothing company inside: Is another round of price war inevitable?

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The closest period of time, total feeling of Yao Min of general manager of Shandong ocean strange dress has a kind of pressure to if show,be like concealed, this kind of pressure comes from suffer from at what those appreciate because of sufferring a RMB all round him, and in be in transition condition in enterprise of small garment foreign trade. "After transition, they to open the market as soon as possible, control the price of the product very lowly. The person of ministry of our home market attends a meeting now be about to study the way to deal with a situation. " Yao civilian complaint says. In interview, the sound that comes from much home company thinks, foreign trade company turns sale in domestic market, will in future a certain period brings concussion to enterprise of sale in domestic market, what these enterprises worry most is, turn outside inside, will bring about domestic clothing company to start new price war one round. Turn outside inside upsurge   " begin from last year, chinese economy by extroversion model need upcountry gradually model change. And the RMB appreciates virtually can accelerate this change. " investment of institute of economy of industry of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Cao Jianhai of market lab director express when accepting a reporter to interview. To study RMB task, lab collected an area technically to make survey in enterprise of countrywide foreign trade. Survey shows, begin from 2007, the country publishs environmental protection from macroscopical respect ceaselessly, use foreign capital, adjust the multinomial policy such as entrance structure to promote our country economy by extroversion model need upcountry model change. And new labor contract, two duty amalgamative, improvement trade prohibits kind of catalog and reduce the policy such as exit drawback to make extroversion enterprise decides look lock home market gradually. One handsome the clothing company of two making the garment and leisurely garden dress is Shandong medium dimensions, they are originally from foreign trade build up, now, they transition makes market of sale in domestic market. The relevant controller that occupies these two industries introduces, eliminate fabrics, brand is expended now wait for cost, exit dress profit can be remained at most 3% the left and right sides, can be same if a shirt is sold in home, the profit space of the enterprise will be the 4-5 that foreign trade trades times. "Since such, why should we abandon home market? " look in them, making own brand is the outlet with foreign trade best enterprise, do the brand earlier, have initiative more. The idea of a lot of foreign trade enterprises of Shandong follows these two industries similar, they intensify be in site of countrywide laid sale in domestic market. These two years, in countrywide each district greatly small hanging " foreign trade dress " , " exit turns sale in domestic market " if the clothing store of the brand appears in streets and lanes like emerge, the upsurge inside turns to greatly one billow has built the power of one billow outside. "As the company profit that gives priority to in order to export is scanty, they can adjust strategic ministry bureau for certain. The influence that the RMB appreciates ceaselessly forces an enterprise to adjust rhythm quickly. " Cao Jianhai says, "Chinese itself is the huge market with a vigorous demand, when the enterprise has inland trade, avoid the effect with fluctuant exchange rate easily. In the meantime, to control inflation, also want to control the step that China utters external. "   Cao Jianhai thinks, to extroversion enterprise, the RMB appreciates is not a good news, but go up objectively to also coerce these " China is made " people begin a consideration to " Chinese brand " draw close. To price war anxious but also have market personage concern, foreign trade company turns and market of development sale in domestic market can bring necessarily inside pressure of competition of trade business more, the likelihood is faced with market of domestic dry goods to change newly bureau. 100 rich special Yin Tianle of dress executive trustee thinks, foreign trade enterprise makes sale in domestic market, without what advantage, case of only useful low will open the market. Because do be used to foreign order, productivity is strong the advantage that is foreign trade enterprise, they are produced commonly very can big, and quality also won't be differred, but these enterprises had been used to low operation, if foreign trade business is wholesale,turn sale in domestic market, the competitive environment of domestic costume market will produce change. Yao Liang of standing vise general manager also expresses knitting of Zhejiang superhuman strength, the foreign trade enterprise that is used to sticking a card for others all advantages are couldn't get actually on sale in domestic market reflect, they manufacture clothing according to the requirement of order simply can, do not need to consider the sale issue of the product, also do not need to consider the promotion issue of brand image. And brand and sale channel are inside two legs with trade the mainest business, those extroversion that lack two legs enterprise is in transition at the beginning of, adopt the strategy that with a bang opens home market entrance door with low very likely. "You look, this year the end of the year or at the beginning of next year, ' outside turn inside ' can show gradually to the influence of home market. " Yao Liang says or state with certainty. In interviewing, also understand, there is the medium that the enterprise inside turns to adopt low to develop the market outside the part in a few areas really, nevertheless, this part enterprise is mostly originally actual strength is not strong, the brand also was not executed to manage after transition, just turn the direction of order to home by abroad, they arrive to be taken as soon as possible order, meeting depress price snatchs bill with the business that does market of sale in domestic market originally. And the company of large foreign trade with a few stronger actual strength of investigation, shandong is for instance new the enterprise such as group of dagger of Fei of smooth knitting, Zhejiang, they are foreign trade and walking on two legses of sale in domestic market, what market of sale in domestic market does is own brand, investment is larger, additional cost also compares the brand tall, the price of the product is not accordingly low. "Accompanying policy to digest surely in the process of industrial transition period, policy suits period, the environment changes period suit with the environment period, this kind of labour pains is inevitable. We should guide conditional enterprise to make the own brand with additional high cost in transition process, and in the lair that cannot be immersed in another to spell the price again. " expert of the spin inside course of study thinks, today bright it is the hour with spin the hardest business two years, as long as can get over these two years, the main area of spin industry and live locatedly the environment can alleviate somewhat. Show completely to affect and be being permeated of the industry as all sorts of elements, the industry will greet another gold cycle.

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