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Construction of brand of the sale that take look forward to should understand th

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Regard the whole world as the biggest market, china already made the scene of the first hassle of world dress brand. And of dress brand " earth is contended for foreignly " also grow in intensity. In the bazaar of city of Chinese a gleam of, look to garment district scan widely: Besides trying the label between the garment is Chinese, whole market is full of international brand, be full of free and easy foreign language label, the international model that is full of vogue... some   bazaar think even: Goods of card of home made product is sold in bazaar, it is the class that reduced market. A few fixed position that build market sell international the brand only namely, formed what give priority to with international brand to manage train of thought. What did this kind of phenomenon show? Chinese clothing company arrives from technology, craft, cost brand, culture is coarser, botchy. Chinese clothing company undertakes the brand is built already extremely urgent, the company that has brand consciousness more very much also more and more the value that realises brand construction, brand is run. So how to undertake the brand of garment industry is built? Should from have an insight into actual demand begins consumer heart, undertake stage by stage " the brand is delicate change " construction. The first, dress design is delicate change as penitentiary as affection, build Chinese dress brand " stylist culture " . This is brand radical course of study evergreen essential. In us east adjacent Japan and Korea, the advance rapidly of meantime outfit course of study makes common people be obvious to all. Korea fabrics industry already was paid close attention to by the world, industry of high-end fashionable dress also grows flourishingly; Japan more was born a batch of worlds' top-ranking stylist and fashionable brand. Japanese stylist begins to push Japanese dress before 30 years to international, mock Europeanly at that time by. Today, japan had had his brand empire. Japan designs a Great Master the 3 fabrics that hold to use homeland all along all one's life curtilage, perhaps he says " the spirit with potential backside of hair disinter kimono " the person of the same trade that also is worth home is recalled seriously. The 2nd, brand Logo is delicate change. The Logo of a lot of China enterprises is Chinese Phonetic Alphabet mostly or simple civil plan is combined, enter a brand delicate spend a period, of Logo delicate change also make a kind of tide and trend. To answer the market environment that updates ceaselessly, brand controller people the Logo that must update oneself ceaselessly, in order to get used to the competitive need of new era. The 3rd, brand individual character is delicate change as penitentiary as affection. This is the competitive edge tool that cannot duplicate. Brand individual character is coessential change, it is the phenomenon that Chinese brand exists generally. This brings about native land brand to be below the attack of the ab extra brand with distinct personality, be without counteractive force. Be able to bear or endure the manufacturing business majority of the gram comes from China, these manufacturing business besides to be able to bear or endure the gram makes acting treatment besides, have oneself brand likely. But similar product, in affix be able to bear or endure after the brand of the gram, the praise highly that can cause adolescent to be able to 't help and have deep love for, and no matter how native land brand tries hard, wander in from beginning to end in the cavalcade of cheap product. In addition, should undertake in sale " personalized sale " . Because consumer won't be written down so that you say what to cross, also won't not remember you what doing, they can remember themselves what experiencing only. Brand individual character is delicate the end that change, it is to avoid faintness of brand individual character, in the meantime, also be the crucial place with the evergreen tree of company brand. The 4th, will communicate with affection. This is the efficient way that builds a brand. Coke Cola enters the whole world when each countries and region market, be not did not encounter boycott, but result, the brand image that Coke Cola is in every area is consistent, even if is in of copyist promiscuous under also won't have a bit faintness. In addition, clothing company should be good at telling " beautiful fokelore " , can tell brand story. Good brand is sure it is the brand that is good at telling brand story. If there is a story at the back of the brand, the brand stands very hard rise. The most well-known gem trademark on the world Kadeya's story only then 1847, he lets consumer believe he is the object of praise highly of princess of Napoleon cousin Mathilde. When Laosilaisi enters Chinese market, allege Chinese red flag is to follow they do, and labyrinthian imitated experience becomes a paragraph of fascinating brand old practice. Finally, the brand that lets you makes the stage property of consumer self-fulfilment. The brand can help consumer finish self-fulfilment, because the target consumer of brand itself is affirmatory,be, one kind when can become consumer identity symbolizes, consumer can gain the experience of identity self-identity in the process in consumable card. (Does reporter Shangjiudangen arrange) according to interviewing? (Dress times) (CCTV of E09)   Li Guangdou " dialog " with " business affairs time " author of orgnaization of sale of brand of honored guest of program specially invite, Li Guangdou. Ceng Ce delimits small Xiang Yu the Conqueror learns machine star advertisement, Meng Niu: Beautiful prairie my home. Composing has " the profession that is next to a president " , " decode originality " , " brand competition ability " etc.

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