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River retail sales forms ground of assemble of industry of 8 big spin

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Industry of spin of river retail sales collects effect to be strengthened gradually, had formed ground of 8 bigger spin industry assemble at present, river retail sales already also became Guangdong provincial base of the largest property of spin chemical fibber. As we have learned, river retail sales has spin company many 1400, already formed ground of 8 bigger spin industry assemble, include new meeting area to be met division of test of development of Gu Zhou economy, newly today collect hole town is met area of concentration of industry of bright and beautiful abundant, newly area of concentration of 3 rivers industry, leave make the same score industry of 3 port region to center an area, make the same score the first industry to center an area, open Ping Kaiyuan. Area of concentration of industry of these 8 spin will make textile of river retail sales henceforth the main area of 5 years of capital attraction.

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