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Industry of stone lion garment: Extend market of blame dollar region

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Learn from bureau of tax of stone lion state, this city dress exports 31.61 million dollar first quarter, than last year the corresponding period raises 5.4 million dollar, but the influence that because be opposite by the dollar,RMB exchange rate drops, real profit space is compressed 10%% left and right sides. Although this year clothing outlet forehead is compared first quarter forehead of exit of the corresponding period rose somewhat last year, but deduct the exit specified number that increases export business newly this year, business of export of clothing of stone lion whole town increases export actually gross is very few, profit space should compress 10%% left and right sides almost. According to statistic, stone lion dress exports a company exit forehead rises somewhat first quarter in all 30, export what the forehead drops to have 8, foreheads of some business dress outlet drop range is very big, the biggest with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop even 50%% . The personage inside course of study is analysed, appear this one circumstance, basically be industry of garment of stone lion spin is spent to overseas market dependence tall, dollar exchange rate exceeds ceaselessly anticipate reduce, the client takes a few order form below p reaper, make employer of company of a lot of clothing flinchs to exit. The duty that occupy a country staff member introduction, stone lion shared dress to export a company 2007 38, annual dress exports total 10694 dollars, occupy the 43.3%% that exports gross entirely, clothing outlet occupies stone lion to export gross entirely almost " half of country " , basically export country and the area such as middle east, Europe, United States, Japan. Company of civilian battalion clothing belongs to stone lion more labor is concentrated model, it is with processing the business that stick a card especially much, dress is add the cost is not high, exchange rate risk nots allow small inspect, to get used to trend of wave motion of RMB exchange rate actively, a lot of extroversion enterprise also is in stone lion in succession pair of strong mechanisms are used in collecting city, widen financing channel, avoid exchange rate drops risk. Some enterprises are used by sign day to make deposit, speaking day of close an account, decrease as far as possible long the exchange rate risk that settlement of exchange creates, shorten as far as possible deadline of dollar negotiate a price. Some enterprises are striven for with RMB, euro, yen or settle accounts of money of export home products, dress of a T-shirt and T-shirt fabrics export a supplier, set from beginning to end in outer weak agreement with RMB valuation. Some enterprises extend the market in blame dollar region, increase the export of pair of euro areas, yen area. If the product exports Japan, Australia to wait,abandon the state with dollar link up with, requirement in order to import a country this money settle accounts, the foreign trader also thinks accord with reason.

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