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"" exhibition of textile of 2008 Korea fashionable dress " 4. Store of trade of

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Ceremony of opening cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony of exhibition of textile of 2008 Korea fashionable dress " exposition of textile of 2008 Korea fashionable dress " Andre ' Kim opening show, business affairs negotiates the puppet baby with meeting and commerce beautiful tremendous "TARA" " free goddess " delegate " attract buy the home, improve business affairs positive result with all one's strength "   enters Chinese market to promote Korea country brand and hold " exposition of textile of 2008 Korea fashionable dress " will be in Chinese Shanghai at coming 24 days on April 22 world trade store is held, by a definite date 3 days. Will greet the 6th this year " exposition of textile of Korea fashionable dress " , begin annual and alive circle from 2003 the contend field of top-ranking brand -- Shanghai is held, this activity aims to promote the culture between the two countries in Han and industrial communication, build base of collaboration of spin fashionable dress, the sense is great. This exposition by 42 clothing company, 78 fabrics business in all 120 enterprises, 330 exhibit a composition, its feature is to join those who postpone the diversification of the enterprise and core business in a large-scale exhibit, through exhibiting advanced change change with the vision will improve the mood that exhibits a house, project of aggrandizement of operation materiality business affairs, hold Beijing Olympic Games to congratulate an activity to wait. This year exposition aggrandizement purpose of its business affairs. On this exposition, will hold 6 support ginseng to exhibit enterprise and buy what negotiate individually between the home " specially invite buys a business affairs to negotiate meeting " . In the meantime, still will be all round fashionable dress beautiful field additionally preparation negotiates after the place makes sure with this fashionable dress show ends can hold business affairs meeting smoothly. In addition, postpone a business to search the best means that enrol business to be joined in order to satisfy, sponsor this year just be in first two places held Shanghai and Chengdu to explain meeting, will buy the home to invite limits to be encircled from the Hua Dong that is a center with Shanghai, Hangzhou, wait for the southern circle that is a center with Guangzhou, Shenzhen, with the Beijing, Tianjin north that is a center the circle expands mid inland reachs southwest. This, "Shanghai international face complementary makings Fair " in store of Shanghai world trade the corresponding period 4 buildings are held, came true abroad exhibit meeting and local major to extend the collaboration of the meeting, reach in action business exhibit respect of meeting conduct propaganda to be promoted each other. Meanwhile, to congratulate the Olympic Games that held in Beijing in August, all sorts of congratulatory activities still will be conducted during exposition this year. These activities will raise the emotive between Han Zhong two countries to feel intimately, reinforce the celebration mood of exposition. Andre of stylist of world-class Korea fashionable dress ' the Kim and Li Duohai, Zhang Genxi, Hanliu such as Jin Zhenxun stars as top class as Hanzhong model attends " commemorative Beijing Olympic Games " thematic fashionable dress. EXR company criterion with " Cheer Up China! " the sale activity that develops a difference to change for catchword, tomboy will be in exhibit 8m undertakes all round the house make one's rounds of Tara of excellent and large puppet performs an activity, develop an activity of distinctive Tara sale. In addition, the trade show that accessary activity still includes show of brand fashionable dress, use ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to fabrics makes clothing and be revealed, by Korea center of fast fashionable dress -- east the dress of the gate designs an Er that professional company comprises jointly to design show of central fashionable dress to wait in all 10 fashionable dress are beautiful, and female outfit of inn of carefree general merchandise is in charge of Korea of give a lecture " Han Zhongshi installs current job to exchange program " explain fashion of C&T Union of company of layout of meeting, information is popular of expert give a lecture " 09 S/S fashion is popular seminar " , of be the speaker of official of director of Chinese labor bureau " explanation of new labor law " etc.

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