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Enterprise of heart city cotton spinning is faced with shuffle

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Report from our correspondent recently, association of cotton of city of state of Shandong province heart comes nearly 5 years to this city the development state of affairs of pily industry made investigation, the result makes clear, at present be in a devil of hole of enterprise of this city cotton spinning, be faced with shuffle. Nearly 5 years, development of industry of spin of cotton of heart state city is swift and violent, the company raises 183 of 2007 from 133 of 2003, scale of production increases the 4.5 million ingot 2007 from the 2 million ingot 2003, cotton spinning ability occupies the 1/7 that Shandong saves. The enterprise of above of 200 thousand ingot has scale of production 4, 2.2% what hold company sum total; The enterprise of 200 thousand ingot of 50 thousand ~ 19, 10.4% what hold sum total; 160 under 50 thousand ingot, what hold proportion for 87.4% . Because dimensions of most spin enterprise is lesser, product class on the low side, lack market competition ability consequently. Since last year, suffer a variety of element effects, spin company go into operation is insufficient, the product is sold not free, partial spin enterprise is in condition of reduction of output, half stop production, many enterprises just keep simple production for tarry worker, be in a devil of hole. Meanwhile, the evidence of polarization still appeared inside industry of heart city cotton spinning. The company profit that manages well partly rises further, and manages poorly company loss aggravate. The controller of a few enterprises thinks, cotton spin trade is current disconcerted besides since is challenged one kind also is a kind of good luck, enterprise should have the aid of this integrated good luck, "Shift gear carry fast " , raise integral technology level.

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