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"Chinese professional clothing develops strategic seminar to be held in Tianjin

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Chinese professional clothing develops celebration 10 years to was in Tianjin great theater to hold to 3 days on April 2, 2008. The professional clothing entrepreneur that comes from 20 many provinces city of countrywide attends a meeting, celebrate success of 10 years of development in all, discuss professional clothing industry to continue the policy that act vigorously takes is rude. Tianjin is the place that exposition of professional clothing of the first China holds, the exposition of professional clothing of the first China that has milepost sense was held in Tianjin 1998, with its tremendous society influence, make Chinese professional clothing is in China quickly the earth is arisen, it rolled out the concept of professional clothing systematically in the round in Chinese first time; The concept of coverall is updated by the history from now on, professional clothing was introduced to from now on the hall of elegance, "Open up of professional clothing exposition a new industry " . 10 years celebration series activity chooses to be held in Tianjin, have deep historical sense and commemorative sense. Especially in recent years the flying development of Tianjin economy, especially new developed area of seaside of the Tianjin after new developed area of Pudong of afterwards Shenzhen special zone, Shanghai is decided to be a country the 3rd economy increases level, tianjin becomes the heat of domestic and international investment, the development that also is professional clothing industry offerred good development opportunity. 10 years celebration activity is held in Tianjin, having advantaged geographical condition and humanitarian requirement. Cent of activity of series of 10 years of celebration develops achievement 10 years to exhibit for Chinese professional clothing, high-quality goods of professional clothing of prize-giving celebration, China is exhibited act, professional clothing of seminar of seminar of strategy of development of Chinese professional clothing, mode of professional clothing sale, whole nation is famous informal discussion of friendship of couplet of big company of enterprise and Tianjin development, new developed area of visiting Tianjin seaside 7 board piece. 10 years of celebration above all of greet is Chinese professional clothing develops achievement 10 years to exhibit, the exhibition developed the course that Chinese professional clothing develops 10 years with a large number of vivid characters and picture, objective and true record from 80 time end, the till 2008 place of industry of Chinese professional clothing has taken run at the beginning of 90 time. The exhibition divides new window of professional clothing market, industry to promote in all, industrial development is Chu Jianduan Ni, be expert at the self-discipline in estate construction, grow in ego development, beat back SARS, experience harships, good-bye rainbow, professional clothing -- angle science and technology and environmental protection, strengthen brand construction, care of a new industry, leaders of all levels supports open up of exposition of the social contribution rate that raises professional clothing industry, professional clothing, industry elite adds up to a boat in all aid, rapid to industry of professional clothing of diplomatic shedding, China development is the history is inevitable in all 10 parts. On April 2 morning 9:30, the large stage of Tianjin great theater with bright deck, by a flock of wearing beautiful the wonderful performance of model of beautiful profession dress was pulled open prelusive. Handpick Chinese professional clothing is gotten army brand, 10 get greatly army professional clothing of enterprise, China 3 actor enterprise, and a few professional clothing that Chinese professional clothing gets military content to be in an enterprise are moved arena, showed current China professional clothing newest design and the newest level that make. Subsequently, held grand prize-giving ceremony. Limited company of elegant group of Er of lake North America obtains Chinese professional clothing to get army brand name; Zhao Jun of president of finite liability company obtains dress of profession of Wuhan world city Chinese professional clothing gets military content name; Shanghai outstanding emperor inferior hold dress limited company, Henan in the palm to save limited company of Long Qingxiang dress, Changchun time China of great capacity of ferry of limited company of dress of profession of waxwing of peaceful wave of limited company of group of international of peaceful of country of limited company of 3504 professional clothing, Jiangsu, Heibei is industrial group limited company. Obtain Chinese professional clothing of 3 actor enterprise is Hunan limited company of limited company of dress exceeding Nuo, dress of Hangzhou tiger emperor, Nanjing Bei Ao dress is finite center of design of professional clothing of big ferry of city of limited company of clothing of eagle of lotus of liability company, sunshine, Tianjin, Tianjin. Xuan of general manager car awarded the clothing limited company that celebration still is Xiang Yu the Conqueror of lukewarm state city to spend Zhu Lihua of president of the limited company that make the clothing, Hunan to send whirlwind of Jiang Xuejun of general manager of limited company of meaning spy dress, Guangzhou Chinese professional clothing is crackajack female entrepreneur pot.

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