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"New explain research and development of high-grade flax fabrics acquires the gr

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Limited company of group of a You Xinshen and Suzhou university combination develop high-grade flax fabrics to obtain major breakthrough. Expert appraisal thinks, high-grade flax fabrics popularizes application, will right improve our country dry goods, especially the quality of clothing fabrics and class, enlarge exit, enhance international market competition ability, stimulative textile industry upgrades produce positive effect and major effect. Those who held water 1998 is new explain the group is a spin company that faces market of high-end spin fabrics, the design of collect flax product, research and development and production, came true to manufacture ready-made clothes from spin raw material exit is one-stop service. Use France, Belgium to import flax raw material, pattern is distinctive and novel. The company has advanced British Mackay hemp to spin equipment 19000 ingot, italian shuttleless loom 480, year spinning ability amounts to 3600 tons, knit flax fabrics 12 million meters of above, coloring and cloth is arranged to amount to 3 million meters of above after floating partly. Personnel dimensions exceeds 3000 people. Long-term since established good cooperative relationship with the famous international brand such as Zara, H&M, C&A, Nautica, Liz Claiborne, Perry Ellis, Jack Jonse, Target. International lends advanced design and administrative concept outside, strict interior runs system. The flax brand.2005 that creation has own intellectual property year introduce Italy's advanced design new concept to roll out taste flax series fabrics newly, the design from spin fabrics, weaving, coloring, hind arrange undertake whole journey instructor. Make the style of fabrics of hemp of new Shen Ya and character had international advanced level, it may be said was to realize the mainland of entrance fabrics to turn production. Making world flax more wonderful is new explain the person's pursuit.

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