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Visit Fu Anwei of vice director of center of Chinese spin information

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Visit Fu Anwei of vice director of center of Chinese spin information in recent years, group of each spin industry is increasing the job that promotes group economy overall level and quality, among them, of industrial group ground in the working key that the brand construction all through the ages of company of small spin clothing is government of ground of each industry group, guild. Recently, "Dress of brand of 2008 whole worlds supplies catenary and colour application congress " news aerates on the meeting, vice director of wide Wei of bend over of center of Chinese spin information is aimed at at present the brand of medium and small businesses builds ground of group of industry of our country spin the problem put forward new thinking. Brand construction should walk out of understanding error to pass " 3 close "     " at present, the error with the to the brand understanding constant presence of company of small spin clothing in the much of our country. " Fu Anwei says, on one hand one part enterprise becomes famous brand brand, think the product is judged to be Chinese famous brand, provincial famous brand, oneself product has a brand namely; Or product brand is judged to be famous label even if have a brand; It is to think oneself product advertises on the other hand much, advertisement is had rate is high have a brand namely; Have more very person, some enterprises registered a trademark in abroad, " of course " the ground considers as " international brand " , etc. Actually, the construction of the brand is far what imagine than the enterprise is difficult, form jointly by a variety of element, if design of content of science and technology, innovation, product is simple quantity, supply culture of network of chain management, trade flow, consumption and capital actual strength to wait a moment. Build a well-known trademark to need to long-term abidance is thrown and develop. In recent years, build oneself the brand is considered as company of clothing of our country spin to enhance integrated competition ability, answer one of optimal ways of predicament, so, spin clothing company began new round brand is built " hot " . But, can all enterprises found the brand that gives his? Fu Anwei's viewpoint: Brand construction is the systematic project of a gold of long-term cost of force of time-consuming bad news, not be the thing of in one day, and in whole found in the process of the brand, put in extremely high demand to all many sided of enterprise oneself. Among them " 3 close " must pass. It is real knowledge and the implication that understand a brand. "The brand is certain quality level perforative the pattern of a kind of trade to whole industry catenary. " Fu Anwei explains. The maturity of this trade pattern should the idea that enough can support this one brand and force are perforative and whole the beginning and end of industrial catenary, go up in certain level can the correlation that consolidate industry catenary swims up and down is spent. Another thinks the standard is consumer is mixed to the degree of belief of the product experience degree, a what kind of affiliation and trustful concern are formed between product and consumer namely, arrive to quality from the design culture. Actual strength of the 3rd capital that is enterprise oneself, technology can have found a brand, those who model brand and carry work card bear ability. If the enterprise is in above the far apart word on 3 conditions, in the brand construction issue admiral succeeds very hard. So, company of small spin clothing had better transform in proposal of volt wide Wei the brand develops train of thought, in blending in catenary of brand garment industry actively, go, pleasant is become greenery. Does medium and small businesses build a brand to want " because of situation and for " of   our country in how does company of small spin clothing build a brand after all? It is the practice according to convention, of one pace, spend on a few years or time of ten years and many capital will model those who give his to have a brand oneself, finish to arrive from manufacturing benefit the change of brand benefit. Still seek other outlets? Fu Anwei cited a case. Italy has a brand of district of industrial group garment to cry " TXEBIHMA " , the spin clothing association that is place is initiated and register. Contact hundreds of medium and small businesses inside this industry group through this brand. Industry division of labor is produced, reasonable use communal resource, the enterprise produces different product according to uniform standard respectively, these products use unified brand, use unified sale network, achieved the organic cooperation of industrial catenary truly, avoided malign competition, the benefit of each enterprise is very good. As we have learned, the spin clothing company of this ground is much with 5 ~ the medium and small businesses of 15 people is given priority to, have industrial group the feature of high level. A lot of spin of this and our country the circumstance photograph of industrial group ground is similar, and a lot of industrial group ground that different is our country are much with one plant or a few kinds of congener products are given priority to, the product is coessential change serious, product price competition is intense, the industry moves at the odd group of low-level competition. Du Yu of association of Chinese textile industry continent chairman calls group of this kind of industry the primary level that industrial group develops. Because,be this reason, the product of industrial group ground is coessential spend competition more and more intense, opposite gain is smaller and smaller also. In the meantime, right external count level taller and taller, corresponding cost also is raising gradually. If say, on brand construction, the large company of industrial group ground has definite advantage, and the medium and small businesses of 95% criterion can pleasant makes supporting rule. Be aimed at this one circumstance, fu Anwei put forward a kind of train of thought that give aid to company of small spin clothing builds a brand in industrial group clearly: Rely on the resource conformity advantage of local government and guild, science adjusts correlation of fluctuation of catenary of group ground industry to spend, drive group ground with area brand the development of medium and small businesses. Introduce according to him, height of association of Chinese textile industry takes industry brand seriously to build the job, will hold water to special orgnaization guides and drive industry brand to build the job henceforth. Current, center of Chinese spin information also is with ground of partial pattern group pilot, discuss the feasibility of this mode, among them city of lion of guard of door of tiger of city of Guangdong province Dongguan, Fujian Province stone will take the lead in undertaking pilot, establish industrial group communal brand. Government and guild should develop communal brand to build dominant action normally, in brand construction process, we think the enterprise is main body commonly. But in the construction in brand of area of medium and small businesses, the dominant action of enterprise seat government is crucial however, be in the industrial group ground with very high maturity especially. Because, enterprise cannot integrated industry resource and public service, local government and guild will be the main body of communal brand. Build communal brand actual it is to establish regulation, only the company ability of toe the mark is entered. Can foreknow, henceforth the development of spin industry group, regular meeting walks along a brand to develop way, communal brand will guide industrial group to enter advanced development phase.

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