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Discard of enterprise superior bad is accelerated, polarization is apparent

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Discard of enterprise superior bad is accelerated, polarization is apparent     since 2007, in the country policy of macroscopical adjusting control is mixed in the change of domestic and international economic situation, enterprise of dimensions above spin digested the gain loss that a variety of adverse elements bring, relatively stable development still maintained on industry whole; But discover from inside the structural change of the industry, process of discard of enterprise superior bad is accelerated, polarization phenomenon is apparent, have 2/3 business get into trouble. Textile industry association is right data undertook 1 ~ analyse in November 2007, enterprise of above of textile industry dimensions 44232, implementation profit total one hundred and six billion three hundred and forty-six million yuan, average profit margin 3.97% . Among them of profit total 90% be more than 14 thousand enterprises of 3.97% to obtain by profit margin. These enterprises occupy the 1/3 of entire industry about, average profit margin is achieved 8.46% , increase 1.35 percent than 2006. They accelerate innovation and product structural adjustment, dissolved the adverse element that a lot of cost rises, got used to new condition thereby, contended for in international competition active, the abidance that also drove industry whole develops more quickly. And 30161 enterprises that average profit margin is less than the agreement of 3.97% to occupy industry 2/3, 10.8% what its profit takes entire industry only, average profit margin is only 0.74% , than 2006 the corresponding period 1.19% dropped 0.62 percent, be in the brim of deficit, among them deficit enterprise achieves 7506. To them, the situation develops brought pressure to increase further, the ability that digests the adverse element that continues to increase is very limited already. This part enterprise involves a worker 700 much people, if consider dimensions is the following enterprise, influence face is gotten greatly even much. Arrived 2008, the case is more severe. 30 thousand afore-mentioned companies that take entire industry 2/3 are average profit margin by 0.74% fall for - 0.67% , by on year small profit becomes deficit. Among them deficit enterprise is achieved 11, 072, than last year the bottom increased in November 47.51% . Multiple element centralizes function, difficulty is unprecedented   is in the first ten days of a month is right in March 6 province spin of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and Heibei in the survey of industrial group, the difficulty that the enterprise reflects basically centers in the following respect: 1, labor cost rises considerably great majority enterprise was     2007 worker general goes up salary, basic wage level rises in 10% above. Rise as prices this year, raise extent general outclass last year. Of formal go into effect new " labor contract law " the rise that accelerated labor cost, become an enterprise to reflect the globallest problem. Above all, spin clothing company drives order to work overtime very general. If strict according to " labor contract law " pay overwork salary, working hours increases 50% , overwork salary will compare tower above of legal man-hour salary 90% . Next, before social security cannot cross area move to cause worker worker of great majority peasant to did not fulfil a society to be sure. According to survey, the worker pay that some state-owned companies are 95% above the society is safe, but most company executive condition is not ideal: Ginseng of worker of company of Zhejiang province spin is protected rate be in only 6.5% ~ 48% between; It is to ask in proportion before Guangdong area the social security on the enterprise, also be to press minimum wage standard for the most part, some regions industry goes 360 yuan, the individual goes 148 yuan. If be carried out strictly, enterprise general pays basic wage income the social insurance that 40% above of 20% ~ differ more for every worker. From legislative purpose for, strengthened the protection to laborer interest, but cause very big effect to traditional manufacturing industry really at present. Spin garment industry uses worker worker as a result of the enterprise fluidity of much, worker big, production is seasonal strong, often work overtime, implement piecework system more, the impact that get is bigger more apparent. According to estimation, basic wage, overtime and social security if this 3 chunk are strict fulfil, reward of work of average per capita will be compared on year rise one times the left and right sides, the company stands hard. The case that Zhejiang province manages mode to be engaged in spin producing treatment with the family is very general, accrual only enough maintains bread, a lot of families door can dismiss employee only. Association of trade of justice black hose speaks of, only the family of 3 round machine door because cannot carry out 2 new law will be only outside employee work is fired, turn for 2 families him member is produced, was to reduce chance of 2 obtain employment actually. 2, the RMB appreciates continuously affect big   annual RMB appreciated last year achieve 6.44% , the biggest to exporting the influence of the enterprise. Guangdong salt pace presses down some underwear that exports a company, quoted 2006 every 1.87 U.S. dollors, convert RMB every 14.22 yuan; Quote rose 2007 for 1.95 U.S. dollors, ability amount to 13.9 yuan. Exchange rate loss made an appointment with 5 million yuan last year, estimate 700 ~ this year 8 million yuan. Zhejiang smooth lake is the international such as Disney, HM the enterprise of dress of well-known trademark treatment digests cost of many yuan of 700 exchange rate in ability of support negotiate a price hind, still have many yuan 200 exchange loss, company profit margin drops accordingly about 1.5 percent. Although the company is right those who appreciate is medium have judgement for a long time, but in the existence in be being operated actually a lot of inaccuracy decides an element, hold very hard on rhythm. The exit dress of Heibei look city, Ning Jin machines an enterprise to say, 23 month are the season that accept the order, although order is very much, but dare not accept the order. Because cannot be forecasted henceforth how much is after all? Some received bill before, now incessantly of complain of suffering. A few companies say in have an informal discussion: "Develop through 20 years, plant area is beautiful, equipment is advanced, product level rose, but change as a result of policy, the enterprise dropped instead in the competition ability of the international market " . 3, exit drawback rate reduces kimono of textile of   of gain of direct and quits export to put on buccal drawback rate to reduce, the export gain of direct and quits enterprise, impact is relatively clear, digest hard. Foreign importer thinks exit retreats tax rate to reduce commonly is governmental action those who cause, have nothing to do with the market, do not accept negotiate a price generally. Company of king of eagle of gold of Guangdong sanded brook says, market competition is increasingly intense, make enterprise not dare rushed increase price, carry valence to have the risk that loses the market. Qingdao sales revenue grew industry of arms of some industry file leader compared to the same period 2007 16.93% , and profit drops compared to the same period however 9.34% , among them second half of the year reduced immediate loss because of exporting drawback to lead 2007 22.18 million yuan; Shandong namely enterprise of knitting of Chinese ink city suffers those who export drawback influence to have 471 companies, 91.46% what take all export company, 70.05% what occupy whole town to export total, reduce drawback capital to make an appointment with 260 million yuan; Because group of industry of knitting of wool of sea in relief city exports those who withdraw tax rate to reduce reduce profit directly 150 million yuan. The entrepreneur of Jiangsu gold altar, Changshu, Wu Jiang and Nantong expresses, say exit retreats tax rate to continue to reduce 4 percent even on the net, they feel very angst. Even foreign importer says to export drawback to be able to cancel entirely this year. We think, the inaccuracy that at present importer uses exit drawback policy intentionally anticipates surely as chip of demand a low price, force an enterprise to accept lower price. 4, money is constrictive cause loan to be mixed hard financing cost ascendant   last year since second half of the year from tight monetary policy, raised the financing cost of the enterprise greatly. Jiangsu contains lustre town analysis, cost of loan of medium and small businesses divides this ground to borrow money according to the foundation interest rate rise 20% outside, add assure cost 1.8% , plus borrow coming out is cash, integrated cost achieves 12% ~ 13% , industry burden is very heavy, basically work for the bank; Some industry of city of Home Zhang harbor introduces Jiangsu, because monetary policy is affected, company cash flows insecurity, downstream company pays with bank money on, but discount interest rises at full speed now, already from January 2007 3.08% rise for 6.05% ; Enterprise of Guangdong sanded brook is mirrorred, poundage of accept bill of exchange had the growth of ten times; Because loan is at present difficult,lake city knits li of town business, civilian leasehold annual interest already from 2007 10% rise 12% 2008. More serious is, company of dominant position of a few industries also appeared " loan is bad " . Group of bridge of Shandong the Kingdom of Wei is mirrorred, the enterprise buys pily raw material to have certain seasonal, short-term inside the circulating fund with many need, the country is executed from tight monetary policy, the possibility that the bank raises loan is not large, partial enterprise is facing the risk that does not lend a money even, what certainly will of this kind of circumstance causes pily price is not stable. 5, problem of shortage of labor structure sex highlights     " it is difficult to hire " the problem is in and other places of Guangdong, Fujian is relatively serious. The childen's garments enterprise of Guangdong Fosan Zu Miao is mirrorred, completely street in 2400 enterprises, a gleam of of in former years uses worker worker 70 thousand much person, now call together arrives 50 thousand, put in bigger gap. Create a company a few order dare not carry on. Piece raft optical big company says: "Run a plant ten years, it is the most difficult to be hired this year. " the enterprise of 2000 people, hire breach to have 200 much people. Reflective gap is bigger basically is the skilled type of work such as suture labour, the structural sex that is labour force character actually is in short supply. "It is difficult to hire " not only consist in bead trigonometry area. Survey group allows the doorway of factory of a clothing of the city to see in Heibei, although " recruit skilled sew to be versed in 600 " big character catchphrase is very marked, but apply for a circumstance however very not hopeful. Company controller says, this catchphrase from cross the Spring Festival to be hanged, the person was not enrolled all the time full. Current, salary of average per capita of company of the clothing that hold a city already amounted to 1300 yuan / lunar left and right sides, but still lack appeal, the member that the enterprise is short of becomes general issue, major company is in with labour breach 20 ~ 30% , still have more serious, breach amounts to 30% above. But and other places of the tiger door that is in Guangdong, Shenzhen, a few big companies mirror the near future to hire a situation to improve. Estimation is labour force is flowing to charming advantage area and advantage company. On the other hand, of professional and administrator in short supply more outstanding. Economic Development Board of Fujian advance river expresses, be restricted with what match ringer area by area environment, enterprise of this city spin is insufficient to talent appeal, enter a school of housing, children, individual increases a chance very defective, make place of spin dress innovation needs talent resource to short. 6, the main export market such as the United States is fatigued and weak   because the United States second the consequence that borrows the crisis is in second half of the year was shown gradually last year, bring about inadequacy of American market demand, amount of American client order decreases and postpone time issueing sheet. The Liushi of order of large amount of wh some of which, low price and price of our country export rise about. The product exit United States of company of some clothing outlet occupies Shenzhen 50% the left and right sides. Order number was compared 2007 the corresponding period dropped 2006 12.93% , exit amount keeps balance basically; 1 ~ dropped than last year again June this year 63.39% , the downtrend of annual already was become finality. The enterprise fears this kind of phenomenon enlarges other market. 7, slippery standard tax affects apparent   to be in Shandong to cotton spinning enterprise, the total production value of cotton spinning industry occupies the 50% above that save spin total production value completely, cotton spinning total ingot counts the dimensions of more than 30 million ingot, occupy the close 1/3 that counts to ingot of countrywide cotton spinning, shandong is saved pily breach amounted to 3 million tons last year, occupy the 60% above of countrywide breach, because this cotton is slippery standard tax is tremendous to the influence of industry of Shandong spin garment. 8, " two machine " the automatic winding machine that enterprise of spin of cotton of   of updating equipment of business of spin of cotton of import policy impact uses and air-jet loom (" two machine " ) cancel to import policy of derate of value added tax from 2007, cause with the investment that imports advanced equipment cost raises 17% . The enterprise mirrorred the cotton spin such as the cotton spinning factory of Guangdong, Shandong to import automatic winding machine to collect problem of value added tax. 9, environmental protection pressure is greater and greater   Zhejiang a lot of areas build environmental admittance for strict project, no matter apply enterprise intelligence how, uniform to project of printing and dyeing do not grant to examine and approve, cause project of almost all new technology to be deferred without deadline. Hai Ning county garrison post that has group advantage more very much had appeared productivity of industry of printing and dyeing cannot satisfy fluctuation to swim the problem of demand, industrial catenary cannot join, printing and dyeing has become spin industry to adjust the bottleneck link that upgrade gradually in area of Zhejiang industry group. Area of Guangdong bead triangle is higher and higher to the requirement of environmental protection, although enterprise of printing and dyeing increases investment, but still face the difficult problem that exit. If Fosan city asks the enterprise is in piece of rafted 36 knitting printing and dyeing,must move entirely before the bottom 2009; Although Shenzhen city did not make clear time limit, dan Shuo puts only if really 6, near future of 7 printing and dyeing mills removes also is hasten of general trends place. Such certainly will cut off the industrial catenary of the area, lost the dominant position of industrial group, cause an effect to raising product class and additional cost, ultimate effect upgrades to the industry. 10, land natural resources is in short supply   because development of Guangdong region manufacturing industry is rapid, price rises faster, cause spin enterprise to use the land in short supply, hire workshop hire rises apparent. Be like piece raft workshop hire near future makes the same score meter of 10 ~ by every 12 yuan go up to 13 ~ 15 yuan, extent is 25% ~ 30% ; Some company tells Shandong sea this world, already got informing land of duty general by 2 current yuan / M2 rises considerably reach 4 yuan / M2, and Shandong is saved the policy this year will raise the possibility 6 yuan; Company of some printing and dyeing mirrors Fujian, this factory is very good energy-saving reduce a new product item, because industrial land must be entered,enrol pat hang the market, the program is complex and trival, problem of new project land fails to solve all the time. 11, raw material the sources of energy is carried rise in price carry on of Zhejiang of extent big   promotes coal report and steam to rise in price 50% , traffic expense raises one times; Knit li of price that press down water to rise one times. Guangdong small Lan presses down statistic, inside 2007, the chemical fibber raw material related to oil rises in price 30% , the raw material such as bombazine rises in price close also 10% , complementary makings rises in price 3% ~ 5% differ, the material that pack rises in price amount to 20% above; Fujian grew happy transport costs to raise 100 ~ 200 yuan / ton. Difficult element analyses: "Domestic trouble and foreign invasion " remain to dissolve   to analyse above all sorts of difficult elements, have come from interior and external different situation: It is the depth that long-term extensive manages industry interior and system reform process accumulates second contradiction and problem. If the leader of guard of Guangdong tiger door points out, a few contradiction 2007 are in clue has been shown first in last few years, it is industry and enterprise oneself of long-standing problem accumulate, concentration is in protruding showed last year; Sha Xi presses down an analysis, a lot of industry group export the competition ability of the enterprise to basically rely on low cost, give priority to in order to stick card treatment, ability of products plan research and development is fragile, lack has a brand oneself, capability of export negotiate a price is not strong, total profit moistening with water makes the same score on the low side, reflect differ to fight risk ability. Once external environment changes, certainly will unawares, get into trouble. The 2 change that are the economic commerce environment that international new condition, new case brings, like the United States second shift economy of the crisis, international fatigued and weak, the enterprise must have sufficient thought preparation. 3 because our country lies,be implement scientific progress concept, change develops way, compose establishs the period of harmonious society, increase overheat and generalized inflation to prevent economy, the enterprise should face a lot of challenge necessarily. The pressure of external environment is unprecedented. Advocate if the country is macroscopical,the multiple element such as environment of economy of adjusting control policy, country and international trade environment is inside brief period concentration produces effect, and strength is greater, make the industry is in very hard brief period is digested and adjust, gain ability drops apparently, major company stands very hard. Straight face is stern challenge, a variety of measure should be faced actively to   a series of difficulty and challenge, spin enterprise realises: As global spin industry move process is advanced and industry of spin of other developing country matures with each passing day, international market competition also is met all the more is intense. Below such environment, the thought that must be adjusted to the industry rightly and upgrades is known, disclosure oneself is insufficient, actively adopts each measure to answer, undertake actively adjustment promotion. Zhejiang saves ground of group of great majority industry and spin enterprise to be able to unearth a problem from oneself when facing difficulty, put forward oneself to wait for the inadequacy of the respect in the quality of innovation ability, person, showed advance actively adjust upgrade the enthusiasm of the process and confidence; Guangdong big Lang Zhenming puts forward truly, want to implement the change on idea idea above all, all answers train of thought, differ flavour grouses, do not await wait-and-see, drive wool to knit course of study to come true stoutly " two change " , manage the change that manages to the brand by the product namely, by the manufacturing base change to modern trade city. 1, hold to technical progress, person of the Danjiya that strengthens big Tang Zhen of Zhejiang of   of ability of research and development, pace, affection happy wait for business of the mainstay that make socks to throw a large number of capital to undertake the product upgrades replacement, enter high-end market, product of high to its additional cost has active price right, exchange rate can be decided with importer agreement lock when exit, dissolve exchange rate risk and loss. The company such as pace person, rich embellish goes door going abroad actively still, overseas opens brand shop and net to go up to be sold continuously, obtained favorable beneficial result, these were reflected technical progress place accumulates ability of formation stronger negotiate a price and international competition ability since the enterprise is long-term. New meeting beauty amounts to Guangdong to be versed in with Huanali the unit such as the university builds collaboration to concern early or late, establish postdoctoral workstation, built lab of 7 high levels, multinomial new product gets the market is approbated; Colourful company of new meeting color develops a fragrant black silk ribbon successfully to manufacture a technology, fill is multinomial home is blank, have very strong products plan and capacity of research and development. Fujian grows happy municipal government to threw close ten million 2007 yuan center of innovation of construction spin industry, with Chinese spin science the place of scientific research courtyard such as the academy signed mechanism of innovation of long happy textile to build cooperative framework agreement. 2, advance brand construction, promotion product competition ability   falls in difficult situation, brand enterprise has capacity of stronger product negotiate a price, OK and effective digestive cost rises element, make a lot of enterprises had realized the value that reachs to have a brand oneself, the brand that has different form is bred and popularize. The abandons a company to own own brand underwear that Guangdong Zhongshan depends on, year sell 180 million yuan, export 70 million yuan, have very strong bargain capacity, can a quarter changes a new price, cost ascendant factor can be digested entirely. Of course, in have a brand oneself besides, this company still has quality of products plan, product, advanced equipment, essence of life beneficial management and the dominant position that the client serves a field. A city of Jiangsu Nantong city and sea door government push a brand energetically in succession group construction, try to give aid to energetically on policy. For example, the city that tell a state the billboard by the freeway all and concessive home spins kind of famous label to advertise. 2007, sea door home spins the copyright of the enterprise to register a quantity to be many 1500, the exterior designs patent to applied for a quantity to exceed 250. Zhejiang carry on promotes municipal government to encourage an enterprise to found a brand energetically, have product of Chinese famous brand 20, chinese well-known logo 33, assist an enterprise to undertake sale is popularized actively, raise brand contribution rate. 3, quicken updating equipment, raise labor productivity   to increase the investment that changes to equiping, especially automation rate is high, energy-saving fall the new-style equipment with bad news good effect, will alleviate product structural adjustment and the pressure that rise with labor cost. Lake city knits group of li of industry of town childen's garments to have 5800 companies, use equipment of computer sewing machine, CAD, CAM in great quantities in recent years, increase investment of research and development, only labor productivity rose 2007 7.89% ; Guangdong is big bright wool knits an enterprise to invest 6 ~ in recent years 700 million yuan purchase new-style computer braiding machine, year all increase 500, already exceeded 4000 now. According to saying one can carry 25 labour force on the head; Shandong Home Zou Home Ping Hongcheng is spun use domestic and international advanced equipment, quicken newer step, implementation is not had contact and change pair of 100% target without shuttle, product class and additional cost are higher, enterprise benefit is apparent; The constant force group of Jiangsu Wujiang Cheng Ze, adopt " add a machine not to add a person, decrease a person not to reduce salary " means, through introducing advanced equipment, yield likewise what need labour force to had dropped from the 8000 people 2006 present 7000 people are the following, the synergism that reduce a person makes a trend. 4, build public service platform, guangdong of   of perfect industry form a complete set is big bright town exert oneself was built " platform of 6 great services " , include station of woollen quality inspection, wool to knit trade centre and content to shed product of spin of center, wool research center, big bright wool knits fund of innovation of website and relevant database, graduate student and education to groom center; Saline pace town and collaboration of textile industry association build center of southern underwear innovation, regard the service that group underwear industry innovates as platform, produced very good effect. What a few places paid attention to service platform function is outspread and perfect, begin professional market construction, promotion of brand of development of resource of the service of general character technology that prop up, manpower, area. Like abundant of city of Fujian spring state lustre area threw many yuan 200 to build area manpower resource to serve platform integratedly, offer manpower resource to groom for the enterprise, manage and introduce a service, solve company labour force especially the problem that skilled skilled worker is in short supply. 5, hold to energy-saving decrease a platoon, implementation can develop the Shandong prosperous city that   printing and dyeing gives priority to to already planned 5 place sewage treatment plant continuously, all enterprises already all amounted to mark to discharge; Namely Mo Xueda group throws 4 million yuan newly 2007 to build a 3000 tons sewage treatment plant, 3 times of quantum of output of sewage of tower above enterprise, lay a foundation to will develop henceforth; Send group sewage disposal to discharge the level that reached COD80 namely, liquid waste answers dosage to achieve 30% ; Wen Dengmo gets a group to be inside the division of treatment of printing and dyeing that its build, investment built him many yuan 600 detect center, investment built system of sewage disposal of one a complete set of many yuan 2700. Some enterprises are mirrorred, in come for years on the foundation of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, deepen existence difficulty further, those who be badly in need of new technology prop up, also publish exercisable industry to change standard of specific power consumption urgently. City of Fujian stone lion was passed 2007 " circular economy develops a program " and " program of the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon " , encourage an enterprise to invest the energy-saving project that decrease a platoon. 6, strengthen business management, justice letter company is in door of tiger of Guangdong of   of stable worker team when answering difficulty, speak of above all " the enterprise wants experienced good exercise to benefit the internal organs " , reduce manufacturing cost through modern management, assure product quality; Through the management that human nature turns, run a system strictly, stabilize worker team, improve labor productivity; Tiger door has the base of old management with pure company, add the many sided with employee to communicate, inside two days with the enterprise more than 10000 employee signed written contract, and sign 3 years. Company appeal builds the filing system of a labour market and credit management system as soon as possible, reduce labour force malign flow, ensure labour market order. 7, play oneself advantage, develop spin of two markets   actively to export an enterprise to search new outlet in market respect. Big company of Guangdong Fosan light is to adjust export market position, it is besides American market, development European Union reachs market of burgeoning economy system, reduce a risk; 2 it is to adjust inside and outside to spend proportion, use product quality and the dominant position that machine a level, change market of sale in domestic market appropriately. In the meantime, take a variety of finance tools and kind of settlement of exchange, reduce exchange rate risk. Shandong article ascends craft home to spin an enterprise to begin open up home market, already established 500 many brand shop in countrywide each district, forming market sale network stage by stage. Gain of sale in domestic market is apparent prep above exports profit, but capital takes up big, steam again is slow, inventory increases, network construction reachs sale to oneself brand conduct propaganda needs a large number of capital more, also put in particular risk. 8, fulfil social responsibility, compose builds lion of stone of Fujian of harmonious relationship   the group is in Gaijiji become liability of society of enterprise of CSC90000T of textile industry association after pilot enterprise, solve worker material benefits actively, raise worker wage, dissolved successfully " it is difficult to hire " problem, company image rises, overseas order for goods is apparent grow in quantity. Because this kind of enterprise uses industry standard, be in " labor contract law " after coming on stage, power of the step up on the felt cost that use worker worker is not great. 9, begin all sorts of grooming, pay attention to a talent to foster   Zhejiang sea to be advocated rather build study business, strengthen worker technical ability to groom, guide medium and small businesses to transfer to modern management system from familial management; Guangdong Dongguan is big bright a few enterprises begin to pay attention to improvement employee knowledge structure, absorb more college graduate to take a plant. Association of town government and stylist of wool spinning dress cooperates, exploration school look forward to combines managerial mode. The industry holds to innovation drive, accelerate an industry to upgrade the mainstay business in   industry produced main effect in structural adjustment. In survey, the company of a few advantages of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong used advanced technique equipment, increase investment of research and development, pay attention to own brand to be in of global market grow; What company of a little own brand stands to home is medium high-end market, some export business enters world-famous brand with oneself character and administrative base cross a country to supply chain, develop continuously for the industry made main contribution. These enterprises take company culture and human nature seriously generally to turn management, take seriously energy-saving decrease a platoon, perform social duty. The starting point that they grow falls to accelerate innovation and product structural adjustment really, dissolved the adverse element that a lot of cost rises, got used to new condition thereby, contended for in international competition active, the abidance that also drove industry whole develops more quickly. Of all kinds finance invests an orgnaization to should pay close attention to these spin advantage companies, upgrade to their technical reformation and industry give capital support. Chinese textile industry already entered the crucial period that the industry upgrades, a lot of difficulty that encounters currently and problem, since challenge, also be good luck. Want to expand spin power from spin big country, as the textile industry that competes adequately, must grasp strategic opportunity period, adjust industrial structure actively, change develops way, just be basic outlet. Want to implement the policy of innovation drive, drive an industry to upgrade, enhance industrial innovation ability, raise the contribution that innovation of science and technology and own brand increase to spin economy to lead; Insist to be with the person this, strengthen science management, deepen enterprise reform, enhance industry vitality and core competition ability; Expand open to the outside world, the advantage is produced below globalization condition, rise open model economic standard; Strengthen an industry to control oneself, uphold the market order of domestic and international fair competition. Difficult business pressure increases, be badly in need of policy giving aid to   the difficult enterprise to entire industry 2/3, the situation develops brought pressure to increase further. Enter especially since 2008, the situation aggravate of enterprise polarization, the situation that difficult enterprise faces is more grim. Although because break out holiday of snow calamity, Spring Festival,wait for accidental element, the moving circumstance first quarter can not represent the development trend of annual. But, because fatigued and weak degree exceeds the international market,anticipate, pressure of each domestic cost is increased further, the lag effect of policy of macroscopical 2007 adjusting control will be released ceaselessly, predict each economic norms adds fast level to will be judged under what make when the beginning of the year. This one phenomenon must cause industry inside and outside, especially the government takes seriously of branch of macroscopical adjusting control highly. In at present domestic and international economy is put in a lot of inaccuracy to decide an element, battalion of already of most spin look forward to encounters the circumstance of severe difficulty falls, want to had held the strength of macroscopical adjusting control and rhythm really, give an enterprise certain cushion period; In the meantime, should from set out actually, undertake be adjustmented moderately to relevant policy, in order to improve the management environment of the enterprise, reduce industry burden, make its have time to undertake active structural adjustment is mixed upgrade, enhance oneself competition ability and fight risk ability. Spin industry is industry of the people's livelihood, the issue closes obtain employment of 20 million workers and the bread of 100 million farmers. Inside the quite long period of time henceforth, spin industry is in stable obtain employment, stabilize exit, stimulative region economy grows a respect to will still produce main effect, so textile industry whether healthy and stable development, the issue involves the national economy and the people's livelihood and the overall situation with stable society. This should rely on enterprise oneself effort already, also need the support of national policy: As above moves textile dress to export drawback to lead, cancel to import cotton slippery standard tax, restore " two machine " the entrance avoids duty value added tax, technical reformation, energy-saving to spin enterprise decrease development of platoon, new product to wait give policy to give aid to etc. Come on stage as soon as possible at the same time " labor contract law " executive detailed rules, combine actual condition to be treated to the area of different productivity level and industry distinction.

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