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13 first enterprises obtain credit grade letter 15 days

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Yao Yujie of reporter of channel of xinhua net Shanghai reported on May 16: 13 first enterprises obtain credit grade letter 15 days. This is basis of Chinese textile Trade Association the whole nation " entire plan does " with country of the State Council endowment appoint " the announcement that evaluates pilot government work about strengthening industry credit " , via evaluating the result of late cloth strictly. "Would rather the factory closes to also do not make sale in domestic market! " the breathtaking language that this is a controller of spin export business. Suffer the United States this year second lend crisis influence, foreign market demand is atrophic, add a RMB to appreciate, raw material rises in price, labor cost rises wait for a series of negative factors to center extruding, outlet of clothing of our country spin is added fast drop considerably, enterprise habitat is hard. Association of Chinese textile industry is opposite by March the spin enterprise of the 6 provinces city such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong undertakes trying to find out the real intention investigating, the 2 / in discovering spin trade the company of 3 is average profit is only 0. 62 % , and the profit of 3 enterprise of odd 1 / also comes in 6 % only 10 % , average gain is the industry 3. 9 % . Below the circumstance that exports suffocate suffocate, a lot of companies got lost " sale in domestic market " . But sincere letter problem is perplexing the industry a lot of enterprises, afore-mentioned do not wish the company controller of sign one's name expresses, although gain is meager,export, but market standard, by comparison, domestic widespread presence defaults payment for goods, " trigonometry debt " wait for a problem, industry order also remains standard. Chinese textile Trade Association is the whole nation " entire plan does " with the country endowment appoint first industry credit grade evaluates the whole nation of approval pilot unit. Association entrusts intermediary to evaluate an orgnaization, according to capacity of the financial index of the enterprise, development, and the historical credit that waits for a branch in Wu of agency, bank, industrial and commercial, duty, make grade to the enterprise. In 13 first enterprises, 10 obtain AA grade, additionally 3 are A class. Controller of limited company of trade of things of city roc bright labor insurance expresses the Shenzhen that obtains AA + grade, high honor grade offerred market pass for the enterprise, raised an enterprise to run efficiency and capital to use efficiency, also enjoy in the respect such as taxation, loan " sincere letter " brought advantage.

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