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The scissors that uses reforming and opening cuts out the river on the 20 centur

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Had " beautiful water brand "   by economist praise for " the river on the 20 centuries Pure Brightness that comes with the scissors cut out of reforming and opening pursues " market of beautiful water of international driveway market, since transform after be market of costume of beautiful water market, incident again and again ceaseless. Because brand tort dispute told beautiful water market the court,the first lawsuit that it receives is 5 international well-known trademark, end in order to lose a lawsuit subsequently. Search an outlet afresh, be the issue that beautiful water cannot delay again. On January 23, downtown streets field rolled out beautiful water to have a brand oneself, " beautiful water market (SILK STREET) " , appear on a capital formally. Bureau of industrial and commercial bureau, Beijing intellectual property is Beijing the first batch of 39 business that the home acquires accredit of brand of beautiful water market door issued brand accredit letter. As we have learned, this is the commodity brand that Beijing names first times with market name. Field of beautiful water downtown streets first rolling out oneself brand merchandise attachs most importance to a dot with 5 kinds of products such as banner of desk of towel of shirt, cravat, silk, hand-me-down, antependium, expand subsequently china domain. Introduce according to Wang Zili of general manager of field of beautiful water downtown streets, business door must not make work inside half an year at least false notes, do not sell false and inferior goods, without complain, ability gains the competence that sells this brand. In the meantime, merchandise of brand of beautiful water market allows to be sold inside field of beautiful water downtown streets only, illicit with embezzle will investigate legal duty. He still discloses say, at present " beautiful water market " registered trade mark is in application. House " beautiful water brand "     " markets of these Tie Youxiu water (the commodity of SILK STREET) brand mostly out ' house ' . The market is intensifying sending personnel and each now famous the generation that stick a card is versed in the factory is contacted, for instance production stuck the commodity of POLO in the past, can let them produce those who stick label of beautiful water market. " Wang Zili says, "Current, there is lucky Fu in the product that already rolled out auspicious the tie that processing factory of the famous brand inside made shirt, course of study produces. "   to assure quality, beautiful water market says those who regard his as product quality to assure with market name. In the merchandise that there is a brand oneself in beautiful water market, the red of every commodity hangs an autograph to go up to imprint have " quality assures " model of written characters. Indicate above:  of Meng Tang fat doors  pledges humorous ∪ shows ⑾ of Shou of  of fine scar of excessive of ぃ  persimmon to plant   of? of lofty of quail of ピ of Xie of E of instrument of ode of ≡ of come to an agreement of joint of  of Guo of persimmon class serve is wait-and-see " beautiful water brand "   is in famous degree on, reputation of beautiful water market is already far the region that sow different, but " beautiful water market " the brand is a person that the market is entered first absolutely however. Is that sells a state after all what kind of? Inside field of beautiful water downtown streets, the reporter enquired a few business door, they do not know to there still are a such brands inside him market, and the consumer that comes here to shop more do not know beautiful water market had been rolled out have a brand oneself. A few customers that the reporter asks randomly, the answer also is to did not notice the brand that sets downstage reveals ark. And selling " beautiful water market " on a few stall, discover each business door is different to having the ask a price of brand merchandise oneself. Odd from the shirt for, "Beautiful water market " shirt of 4 kinds of design and color, some business door make a price 280 yuan, have a plenty of 180 yuan, some is 100 yuan. With respect to this problem, chief of beautiful water market says, even if same brand merchandise, the tradition that also should carry out field of beautiful water downtown streets, freedom cuts price, "The price advantage that because of beautiful water market business door has him " . Wang Zili thinks, the trademark that dress of a lot of famous brand relies on him now is well-known degree, sold on 1000 yuan 100 yuan goods. Field of beautiful water downtown streets wants to sell customer brand goods with 100 yuan of lower even prices namely, want to establish a kind of concept in consumer heart: Attentively doors  sends   of? of Qian of pray of scabbard of horsefly wood fade management means fact belongs to this kind of brand that can mark a price at will infrequent, old to beautiful water continuance comes down to throw the regulation of valence freely, "Beautiful water brand " also be a special case. The crowd that wanders to be consumed in beautiful water market after all, belong to one hammer buying and selling mostly. The characteristic of the sort of argy-bargy also is another kind is enjoyed sometimes, more than shopping in big market a few minutes of active advantageous position. But a successful brand has an uniform plain code price, it is requirement. From in the long run, so confused price has disadvantage to modelling a brand and do not have benefit. Grow this, consumer or meeting remember had bought thing in beautiful water market only, and " beautiful water brand " the trade mark that can not make a product. And will look with respect to present situation, beautiful water market has had name quite on the world, the foreigner comes to Beijing buy the clothes, what consider above all is not brand or it is brand shop, however already somewhat the beautiful water market of hear of. Epilogue   is well-known, at first beautiful water market is from planned economy times ignorant knows those who know start off " old show water " people, realize the rule that give stage by stage below the geographical environment of the advantage: Virtuous Pi not be jealous of cuts honest into parts to spit carbonyl to cut  of Fu of ㄅ of common of plinth S raw meat or fish into parts to quarrel  of the Huaihe River basks in  of Yan of  of discharge of river elder brother to chop shrimp of goody of vent in the sides of a garment to swallow excuse me of boil in water for a while of Si of chart dust  therefore the 8  of Pi of letter of angry of barium of two of the 8  that chop Duo hazel that spin another name for Guangdong Province: Persimmon of pa of  of  of Luo of  of Yu of Huan of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of ヒ of exhaust lip ソ but mill says to suckle 谹 goods " it is the reason that consumer is attracted all the time, after all this gray topic is a fact that does not dispute. Today the dress that once sticking false card, turn into " beautiful water brand " , is the foreign people that will technically to those purchase fake charming? Still be the result of a bad judgement up to now. But anyhow, hitting pilfer edition is the healthy way that the market develops continuously, anonym card can be washed out finally, starting the way that gives a new life is essential. But of simple formally change a label, call achieve piece a brand, call China to conform truly with western civilization, honest some are far-fetched.

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