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2008 already by course of study inside consider as generally to shuffle year.

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2008 already by course of study inside consider as generally to shuffle year. Analyse according to the authority inside course of study, in this process, the enterprise that relies on low cost labour force to earn profit only will is faced with live pressure, pure extroversion enterprise sells lot difficulty and profit to glide, technical level not tall, product is coessential change serious company profit margin to will drop apparently. Predict to be in 2008 end or at the beginning of 2009, the company that will one part lacks materiality competition ability exits the market, and those have deep brand intention, hold in product research and development and market on competitive industry will spend this one difficulty period, in the promotion in training, become an industry to change the winner of the bureau. Meanwhile, chinese textile industry also upgrades the property that completes oneself in the acid test, to the target stride of spin powerful nation. To industry of Chinese spin garment, this is the process of Nie of a phoenix. Look hopefully, this process is evildoing of meddlesome and rather than. Today's enterprise won't deny a fact: Have speech right very hard without the brand. When the industry develops certain level, the enterprise is body part suitable area or experience adversity no matter, breeding own brand should be operator arrow annals not the struggling target of change. Blemish of mechanism of business presence strategy is current, the mainstay business of the 1/3 inside the industry, because was used,increase investment of research and development, those who pay attention to own brand breed, enterprise of wh some of which already held market of the high end in home, in exporting an enterprise to also cross a country to supply chain in world-famous brand, a few OEM held corresponding position. These enterprises take company culture and human nature seriously generally to turn management, take seriously energy-saving decrease a platoon, perform social duty. In these respects, most industry feels more difficult suit, and these advantage companies were accomplished earlier, and they had aimed at higher end now, accelerate what innovate and produce kind to adjust, some already or moving toward internationalization, capture the market to configure the opportunity of all sorts of element, promote international competition ability, if department of Yageer, Lu Tai, wave is ascended,wait. On these industry bodies, we saw the hope that Chinese spin industry promotes. From analysis of deep administrative levels, this is blemish of company strategy mechanism reflect. Above all, company brand image is changed infirmly. Globalization drives brand image internationalization, the " of " international language that carries brand image namely communicates its individuation concept, in order to get the self-identity of international public and support. And we are numerous exit enterprise is not appeared to such language understanding. Next, company system arrangement is changed infirmly. The formation of contemporary company system and perfect, reflected the mainstream pattern that globalization system innovates not only, and can reflect the underlying demand that accords with an enterprise to manage concept, management characteristic and prospective development end. And we a lot of enterprises because the be changed infirmly and created oneself competition ability inferior position on system arrangement. Have again, it is industry technology capability is changed infirmly. In competition of market of international high end, him card of home made product core technology shorts relatively, card of home made product basically lacks the puissant support of core technology, make brand core competition ability comes true hard. The industry still lacks group brand to take these year come, association of Chinese textile industry emphasizes wanting to make full use of for many times group effect creates competitive dominant position for the industry, make those who accord with industrial catenary and value catenary rule, can come true large-scale belt of custom-built industrial group brand, hold thereby and follow-up globalization trend. Should say, group of spin garment industry opens the area with higher rate to already had certain dimensions in our country economy, be like Jiangsu annulus too the fabrics of lake area, printing and dyeing, the men's clothing of Fujian stone lion, the home of Zhejiang Yu Hang is spun, the warp knitting of the cravat of Sheng city, Ma Qiao, the cotton spinning of bridge of Shandong the Kingdom of Wei, the recreational outfit of Guangdong Zhongshan sanded brook, big bright the female outfit of the dress of door of wool unlined upper garment, tiger, Shenzhen is waited a moment, dou Chong reveals these group ground a certain number of home are famous brand. But, the area brand zone that prompts because of group effect has not been formed truly. Formed this kind of brand to take only, ability makes the core competition ability of brand of the industry inside group, lead then and dominant region market, act important role in international market competition. In fact, system of global area division of labor has appeared and advancing quickly, the enterprise should lose no time in the division of labor that the ground brings into him relevant section. Some closer year come, guild helps the area advantage of brand of local government conformity in ground of do one's best from beginning to end, promote then it is the strong brand with bright characteristic of feature, area with industrial group group. For example, because suffer the effect of the history that area develops and traditional economy element, the suit course of study of Zhejiang peaceful wave ever occupied crouch the very large portion of home market, form with fir fir, Yageer such getting army the brand makes area brand group strong battle array. On the other hand, use an area the integrated dominant position that reachs resources environment, compose builds the area advantage brand that has fashionable element support group, like " Shenzhen daughter installs " . Because border Hong Kong, popular to world dress information draws Shenzhen business faster, the design of dress, fabrics, colour is novel, craft level is higher, in home there is stronger competition ability on market of medium, high-grade costume, "Shadow of the grass " that song force thinks of " , " art, " a few well-known trademarks such as " of Er of humble of silk of Ma of " of Liang Zi of " , " , " , made figure of Shenzhen dress whole, enjoy in home market taller famous spend and beautiful praise degree. According to the need of industrial form a complete set, in the near future, shenzhen will build come base of assemble of two garment industry or treatment base; Establish the area of high school archives with a larger scale market of complementary makings major, a dress is wholesale trade professional market, one holds a research and development, promotion concurrently, groom, set an example, the center of dress research and development of information function, square of culture of a dress and business street of dress of a famous brand, brand of its area characteristic group gradually make good. And these terminal brand enterprises are in to product of its upper reaches the technical research and development of each domain pays close attention to quite, want product satisfy the need to will not hesitate only heavy gold is ordered, this is for upriver spin enterprise in corresponding area division of labor, found the profit point of growth that attributes oneself to offer infinite can operate a space. Beyond question, face current difficulty we should remember well more: The brand is asset, the brand is competition ability, the brand is the assurance of profit, the brand is the point of growth that the price promotes, the brand is the base that runs continuously.

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