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Make restful new explain the company holds fire drill
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To raise the fire control accomplishment of employee, make restful new explain, team of company security personnel and manpower resource ministry held manoeuvre, the yellow v/arc drillmaster that invited fire control military unit corresponding to a company is held the position of groom teacher. Groom that day, of the open that yellow v/arc drillmaster explained fire extinguisher to use knowledge, fireplug above all, fire branch use reach wait for relevant note. Subsequently spot of yellow v/arc drillmaster took fire control fire extinguisher, handgrip hand ground imparts to be used correctly of the individual safety problem of put out a fire, fire extinguisher material, and the correct pose of put out a fire. The personnel that join model stands in drizzle, listened to seriously groom the teacher is right of knowledge of relevant fire control explain. Groom through theory of a hour, of equipment of the note that consults example personnel offset to defend practice, put out a fire use, the point of put out a fire had to understand roughly. Thereby, the personnel that join model undertook handling practice on the spot. The personnel that join model took fire extinguisher in succession, according to groom the requirement undertakes be operatinged on the spot. 4 caboodle light the conflagration since to be put out quickly. Groom and maneuver obtained favorable result. Groom after the end, many recieve training personnel express, groom this carried to them on business not only wake, hidden trouble of hour vigilance fire insurance answers when the job. In the meantime, groom through this, make them right fire insurance, fire, save oneself much an understanding, preliminary control the use of fire extinguisher, fire branch, to make restful new Shen Zengtian safeguard of a gleam of.