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Bridge of vane the Kingdom of Wei: Take a sudden turn of textile of much departm
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Zou makes the same score a station eastwards hundreds meters, it is seat of headquarters of poineering group of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei. Poineering group of bridge of Inc. of spin of bridge of poineering group of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei, the Kingdom of Wei, the Kingdom of Wei recieves a center the building of a few air, with the station around low building, form contrast brightly. This year since the beginning of the year, this did not connect the small county of railroad up to now, had recieved include national hair to change appoint, the many survey team such as association of Chinese textile industry, their job is same -- industry of understanding place spin, especially Wei Qiao the moving circumstance this year, existence problem, accept the order the circumstance of produce and sale, case that gets all sorts of element effects, right annual walks along the judgement of situation, and. Wei Qiao, be considered as the enterprise of Chinese textile vane all the time, in 20 years of in the past, development becomes China and even Asia's biggest cotton spin company. But in April 2008, first " stop production of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei 2 million ingot " hearsay, cause panic inside course of study however: If Wei Qiao manages no less than going to, chinese textile will how? "Stop production 2 million ingot should not be true. " by April 2008, a public figure of local economy group tells our newspaper the reporter: "But Wei Qiao manages a situation to affirm this year also too won't good, during the Spring Festival, ground of occur for the first time put Wei Qiao 10 days false, is not the 3-4 day of in former years, this is on one hand " labor contract law " influence, additional on one hand, also have the factor that order drops for certain. "   about this, the response of government of poineering bloc of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei is: "Spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei regards China as the biggest cotton spin company, do not suffer the effect of market big environment impossibly. " an officer that once joined survey activity tells   our newspaper reporter, discover in survey process, the influence profit element that spin industry cares most includes new " labor contract law " carry out, national credit policy is carried out, change of RMB exchange rate, exit drawback change, energy-saving decrease platoon and coal report oil to carry raw material rises in price. According to the statistic of association of Chinese textile industry, below all sorts of element combined influence, at present the rate of company real profit of entire industry 2/3 has 0.62% only. Labour force: 3 pieces hire an announcement to do poineering work in Zou Ping Weiqiao the window that hires department signing up, sticking 3 pieces of announcements. On November 23, 2007, poineering group informs Wei Qiao, the age upper limit that when hiring, is versed in male contract relaxes from 26 years old, the age upper limit that female contract is versed in relaxes from 23 years old. The announcement December 2007 says, relax further hire a standard, action man-hour makes a demand to eyesight no longer. A piece of newest announcement is to was stuck on March 25, 2008 come out, the announcement says, spin a worker to hire a requirement to relax further to dress home, the age relaxes, 30 years old can do contract work below, 31 years old do casual to 40 years old. "Casual differs in the type of work in textile mills, also do not enjoy the welfare treatment such as insurance, every month probably 889 money. " Wei Qiao does poineering work the staff member explanation that is in charge of hiring says. Newest announcement still is made clear, collect fee signing up to spinning weaver person to avoid. Before this, enter Wei Qiao's worker, when entering office, want to pay fee signing up. Relax again and again the backside that hires a condition, the labor that is this model is concentrated model the situation using worker worker with grimmer and grimmer enterprise. "The worker of new device if check-up is eligible, can go to work immediately. " the member that Wei Qiao hires a person says. In fact, in the impression of youth of local rural area, wei Qiao remains a working unit that is worth envy. The ground of rise to power and position with first group of bridge of the industrial garden area that outside the county Wei Qiao presses down, the Kingdom of Wei, li Fang of 23 years old tells a reporter, she is very satisfactory to salary, she becomes weaving worker now, work basically everyday even if loom of guard number stage is hand-in-hand clear all right, income of a month is controlled 1500 yuan. This averages the income that is a be able to pass in Zou, 2008, the minimum wage standard that government of Zou smooth county announces is everybody every months 620 yuan. But she admits to say, a few record of formal schooling are opposite the worker with better condition of taller, family, dissatisfactory to such pay. Weaving workshop high temperature is high wet, air temperature often fluctuates in 40 degrees, flocky flies everywhere, worker must all the time everywhere perambulatory look carefully at every the circumstance of loom, a lot of people think " too bitter " . Li Fang says, according to company provision, textile mills " fall 3 classes " , every should go up 8 hours, but workshop classics regular meeting asks to work overtime two hours, also be the practice with spin current trade, there is not playday commonly on the weekend at the same time, the company also had not given overtime. The worker still comes from to the dissatisfaction of salary last year since of prices shoot up, complement of a worker says, 0.5 minutes are moved on the workpoint that the workshop end last year regards bonus as every months to everybody, be equivalent to 90 yuan or so. But, the other company that is the same as a county if on the west salary of king group, Tie Xiong group go up moved 200 yuan or so. Although do poineering work in Wei Qiao in-house, the salary of spin workshop also is mixed under pyroelectricity aluminous factory, he says, the male worker of a lot of spin, apply for to move pyroelectricity and aluminous factory to go to work. But, to group of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei, through going up the practice of salary persuades employee to stay, put in constant capital pressure really. The officer that has joined survey of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei is narrated to say before, have the spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei of 135000 employee, increased 669 yuan one year to the average pay of individual employee last year. And the announcement of 2007 year outstanding achievement of spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei shows, the employee sum total 2007 declined than 2006 17000. To this, the explanation of the board of directors is, pass the technical reformation of pair of existing equipment, the quantity that use worker worker decreases somewhat. Even if is such, the employee cost amount 2007 still achieved spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei 2.258 billion RMB, every employee makes the same score even the year's harvest to make an appointment with 16720 yuan originally, more average than what announced 2006 cost 15830 yuan, increased 890 yuan. Manufacturing cost: Rise in the round producing a field, wei Qiao is having your other spin enterprise is envied unceasingly congenital condition -- scope effect. Up to now, wei Qiao remains few number to have the cotton spinning that the price counterpoises to knit an enterprise in the market. Price of the cotton of Shandong area, bombazine, grey, it is with price of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei all the time accurate. Wei Qiao's price, can affect an international market even. The outstanding achievement announcement 2007 weighs spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei, price of annual China cotton rose steadily 2007, buy valence great panel height on average 2006 the corresponding period, index of price of annual home cotton rose 5% , and index of American cotton price rose 16.6% , to the core cost of spin enterprise control brought pressure. The cotton trader of Tai'an of a Shandong tells our newspaper the reporter, from the Spring Festival later, wei Qiao reduces cotton to buy price continuously, the pily price of your Shandong area appears weak force structure all the time, at present the price of 3 class cotton is in 13700 yuan probably / or so tons, and the price of the end of the year was in 14100 yuan 2007 / ton above. This cotton trader shows, many pily industries discover, of the Wei Qiao after the Spring Festival buy a quantity to also have drop. He guesses say, it is to be versed in the number measures insufficient, bombazine to sell the inventory before section of stagnant, together with to have keep long in stock at present likely, so the near future has reduction in production or the phenomenon with insufficient start working happens. He expresses, in domestic spin enterprise, cost of raw material of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei is relatively inferior, besides in home's powerful bargain ability, also import an amount with Wei Qiao quite big, the American cotton that can obtain quota less than every year has very big concern. If exclude the effect of slippery standard tax, beautiful cotton compares domestic cotton petty gain below major case. But, the Ministry of Agriculture releases the pily information that monitor showed in March, at present international cotton market goes strong all the way, since September 2007, entrance cotton C.I.F with respect to prep above homebred cotton, the trend that and have rises further, if calculate,go up slippery standard tax, current, beautiful cotton price has compared domestic cotton tower above 1300 yuan / or so tons. Nevertheless, below the premise that appreciates quickly in the RMB, many entrance cotton and equipment also brought certain benefit to Wei Qiao. Outstanding achievement announcement weighed spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei 2007, as a result of Wei Qiao the entrance is purchased and dollar borrow or lend money repays deadline grows to pay at exit collect time, because realized exchange rate accrual to make an appointment with 226 million yuan of RMB this 2007, pair of because of exchange rate battalion are not had inside year carry or circulating fund bring percussive case. In addition, according to spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei the outstanding achievement announcement 2007, wei Qiao fell basically with the circumstance that kept balance 2006 in crop 2007, carriage cost from 225 million yuan, rise 320 million yuan, rose 16.4% . A local official tells our newspaper the reporter, he thinks the another advantage of effect of scope of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei, it is capital cost under congener enterprise. Since money was tightened up 2007, because many cotton spin enterprises do not attribute high additional cost or the industry that the government urges, and obtain bank loan hard. And Wei Qiao such big company, be rejected impossibly by local bank. In the meantime, the H that appears on the market as Hong Kong enterprise, wei Qiao is capable also to be him financing through capital market. Announcement of outstanding achievement of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei shows. 2007, the adding that Wei Qiao obtains ceases bank loan decreases somewhat, financial cost is basic with kept balance 2006. Such case is already good at many medium and small businesses, zou makes the same score prefectural hair to change bureau chief to tell our newspaper the reporter, at present Zou Ping has probably Home 140-150 spin kind medium and small businesses, as a result of space of profit of cost ascendant keep long in stock, many enterprises are forced reduction of output or stop production. The chief of factory of clothing of ground of one family belongs says, to small company, if cannot obtain fund from the bank, can or stop production, perhaps turn to folk leasehold, current, folk of Zou smooth county's leasehold interest rate is every quarter probably 10% the left and right sides. The market: Demand is low confuse   2007, wei Qiao is moved actively low of partial bombazine and grey leave factory quote. In those days, spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei produced 1.646 billion meters of 891 thousand tons of bombazine, grey and 180 million meters of jean in all, crop with increased small somewhat 2006. But its turnover reduced 1.24 billion yuan than 2006, gross profit reduced 660 million yuan than 2006, average gross profit is led 16.8% from 2006, drop 1.3% . To this, the explanation of spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei is: "Because the RMB appreciates, exit drawback rate reduces the adverse element that reachs policy of macroscopical adjusting control to fall, market demand decreases somewhat, the group is adopted according to market condition depreciate the strategy of the sale, bring about wool interest rate to drop. " announcement of   outstanding achievement is emphasized point out, the wool interest rate of grey from 19.1% glide 14.3% , because reduce price be caused by,basically be. In textile, wei Qiao is located in upriver industry, downstream the dress that many enterprises are the eastpart part, home spins a business, because profit glides and they reduce yield, it is demand of domestic bombazine, grey low confused main reason. Office of trade of the classics outside Shandong province is exported in a textile express in investigation report, the influence that is risen in price by raw material, at present Chinese yarn and grey exit do not have competitive advantage almost, growth of export of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei is accordingly lack of power. As a result of advocate business Wu is low fan, although spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei is clean 2007 profit grows 10.9% compared to the same period, but after deducting 534 million yuan welfare to dial equipment to rush, advocate business Wu profit decreases compared to the same period 20.8% . After announcement of this one outstanding achievement is released, silver-colored international is followed in be about to the target price of spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei from 12.4 yuan (Hongkong dollar) reduce reach 8.2 yuan (Hongkong dollar) , maintain to this " backward big city " grade. The research report of silver-colored international expresses in, the commodity property of business of spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei accepts the impact of integral demand shrink more easily continuously, fixed position of spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei will bring about his to be exported the market at upriver market fatigued and weak effect is more apparent. In the survey process of relevant section, wei Qiao is mirrorred, at present 40 the following thick comb gauze is produced already profitless, the raises high density fabric and product high demand with larger space of embellish of former capital and profit drops, profit space is compressed. But sale branch of Wei Qiao expresses to our newspaper reporter, the group falls in cost pressure this year, undertook going up moving to the price of a few products, 100 yuan are moved on partial yarn price / or so tons, but they reject to disclose the case that sells at present. Transition: Blame advocate business Wu income occupies actor to be in the survey process of association of Chinese textile industry, zhang Gongxia of president of joint-stock company of spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei expresses, spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei will introduce advanced equipment increase product quality class, raise labor productivity, devoted research and development, undertake the difference changes competition, improvement to enterprise interior manages and run a mechanism, raise the kind such as cost of administrative efficiency, managing government, will consolidate business market competition ability. But in the research report of silver-colored international expresses, shift the focus home market considering more and more exporter, the product of spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei upgrades the plan will produce the intense competition that can leave too because of home market and must lay aside temporarily. In the meantime, to poineering group of bridge of whole the Kingdom of Wei, pyroelectricity and aluminous factory the appeal of two new industries, already the textile of outclass build up. On the side of Wei Qiao presses down textile industry garden, was 2002 only then company of achieved aluminous estate of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei -- the worker pay here is in mostly 2000 yuan of above. Wei Qiao does poineering work the total number that announce is, group 2007 sales revenue 65.5 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 33.78% ; Profit tax 8 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 36.32% ; Profit 5.6 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 68.58% , reside Zou firmly to make the same score a county for years continuously the throne of large family of the first pay taxes. And spin of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei in those days sales revenue has 18.59 billion yuan only; Profit tax 390 million yuan, gross profit 2.66 billion yuan, net profit 1.868 billion yuan. Memory of a local official says, this year the 4 class cadre after the Spring Festival can go up, zhang Shiping of author of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei makes known his position in public, "Ensure this year pay taxes 4 billion, strive for achieve 5 billion. " this is in   is a common phenomenon inside cotton textile. Before this, guild of Chinese cotton spin once released boom of industry of spin of cotton of a China to investigate analytic report to show, interiorly cost rises and under external environment pressure, apiration of spin industry transition increases, those who be all manufacturing industry head -- the enterprise of 49.2% hopes to convert other industry. The enterprise predicts to be able to reduce the on spin investment of 15.5% . In the meantime, before the rank in the industry 50 strong companies were not 2007 advocate the proportion that battalion income holds gross wages and promoted considerably than having last year, basically be investment estate, stock, fund or other industry. Local official says, the enterprise of a spin that is the same as a city -- Hong Cheng group makes the same score the position in economy to glide ceaselessly in Zou, did not expand to other sphere with its business has very big concern in time.

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