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Road of brand of give somebody a new lease on life differs 異 創 to give new 價
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At 1979 創 業 up to now 織 of 紡 of 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers, it is one of companies that stage 灣 gives birth to 產 the earliest to taste 質 纖 維 high, in 創 辦 person and trustee 長 陳 the 帶 領 to 誠 falls, the 歲 month of happiness of 業 of 織 of 紡 of 灣 of stage walking along 過 , 卻 also is in nearly 10 years, face 臨 許 is how old 環 condition reachs what 產 業 發 exhibits to carry 戰 . 題 of face 對 難, 陳 did not have to 誠 並 put 棄 , use 機 會 to ponder over 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers to reach 價 value in the fixed position of city 場 afresh instead, brave at breakthrough, 創 new, in recent years 來 more 積 極 is cultivated from 創 brand Texcare, hold 續 Zhuo 壯 , 連 續 ranks before the stage 灣 of 誌 of the world 雜 1 7 years, 000 big 製 build 業. Choose place of 戰 big 環 dash forward 織 of 紡 of 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers of   of 圍 創 new bureau is the earliest it is mouth of 進 of representative of 線 of 從 thing 紗 , and the labour 廠 that after builds him, 維 of 纖 of sex of unripe 產 彈 wraps Fu 紗 , again one pace of 進 crosses 維 of sufficient special 纖 to machine 絲 領 region, to in recent years 創 stands to have a brand oneself, walk along 來 all the way, " joys and sorrows of life has each situation, especially 這 10 years special 別 is painstaking. " 陳 to 誠 說. Global 紡 織 matched 額 to remove 2005, in 國 big 陸 (big 陸 of 稱 of the following 簡 ) 紡 織 is tasted be like 脫 韁 wild 馬, exit 額 explodes into 長 add, immediateness razzias 場 of world main city, 對 whole world is other the 紡 織 業 of Home 國 person the 衝 擊 with 帶 very big 來 , 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers is natural also outside thing of 無 law place oneself. However, danger 機 namely 轉 機, 陳 expresses to 誠 : " because 為 matchs 額 to remove,also be, the person that make the 紡 織 業 of stage 灣 quickens reform, 開 only then go thinking how to promote 產 to taste 價 value, avoid at be immersed in 爭 of 競 of case of 惡 sex 價. " 傑 of   a person of extraordinary powers uses 點 of 間 of 這 個 時, on one hand how does consider 該 break through deadlock, with face of 時 擴 big 層 , one pace of 進 analyses 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers not the fixed position of 來 and 開 develop direction, most the road 發 that 終 決 decides front brand is exhibited. 陳 expresses to 誠 , one 連 of 經 過 strings together 調to rectify, be in to 現, the supply and demand of 場 of 紡 織 city already 穩 of 趨 Wu Ping, the 衝 擊 of 傑 of 對 a person of extraordinary powers also is in progressively 減 is little in. Turn over 場 of city of 觀 big 陸 , 紡 織 tastes exit to already performed 變 to become 題 of 問 of politics of 國 際 間, 紛 of 紛 of each 國 government appears personally dry 預; Add 濟 of 經 of 體 of 總 of big 陸 of 緩 of 減 of 為 of big 陸 government to become the high interest rate that 長 causes too quickly and 況 of the 現 that connect Peng, cancel much 項 to utter 優 benefit step, 業 of 織 of 紡 of 對 stage 灣 person, not less than is one 個 breaths 機 會 . 為 this, 陳 comes 誠 is gratified the ground expresses, after of 盪 of 歷 經 動 , today (2007) year with 來 , 發 of 紡 織 業 is exhibited instead 漸 enters the most pleasant stage, " 這 is the feeling that one 個 special 難 gets 況, everybody 進 pace, promotion, and heavy 疊 face heals 來 heals little. "   avoids 選 of 幣 of fine of bad 幣 驅 to leave stage 灣   nearly 10 years 來 , labour of 勞 of because 為 is many low 價 reachs the attraction of land cost, the 紡 織 業 with stage 灣 major 絕 person 選 擇 on the west 進, appearance of new 風 of 創 of 試 圖 開 . But the layout of 傑 of 攤 開 a person of extraordinary powers, 卻 very 現 of 發 of 驚 訝 ground arrives, besides the 廠 room that fights 區 of 6 labour 業 in 雲 forest, rectify the 區 塊 裡 of 個 big 陸 , all over 尋 not to write 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers to cast the shadow of 資 設 廠. 現 is answering 頭 to see the 決 at the beginning of 當 decide again, " 會 覺 gets 還 to did not have very much. " 陳 is turned over to 誠 is 鬆 a 氣 . Much more original 帶 writes 許 first the 廠 business that 進 ability 術 postpones to big 陸 發, not 約 and be convinced together the 學 習 ability at person of 驚 of big 陸 talent, 卻 also 對 his 們 學 fur feels regretful with respect to the heart 態 that makes fun of bolo. 陳 expresses to 誠 , did not exhibit toward big 陸 發, ability 術 safety thinks is among them the factor with one very main 個 . 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers is fighting 6 廠 開 only then 營 運 after, the 裡 of hand of Japanese 廠 business that 陸 續 從 cooperates brings 進 許 術 of ability of much newer 穎, at present 為 of core ability 術 gives birth to 產 製 to build special 纖 維 to machine 絲, not only 領 first hand of big 陸 對 , also exceed downstage 灣 to be the same as 業. Not 願 meaning hardship grinds the ability 術 that 發 gives 來 is used by 濫, 導 is sent most 驅 of 終 bad 幣 chases fine 幣 , 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers stays in stage 灣 all the time. 陳 also is analysed with 時 to 誠 , 並 of model of 規 of itself of 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers is not big, 產 quantity is not very much, 優 勢 is to be in taste 質 , and rather than takes 勝 with the quantity, be like 貿 like that before 進 big 陸 , 勢 needs 會 encounters very big 問 題 . Remove 來 than 較 , big 陸 業 person casting 資 時, golden 額 and 規 model often are business of stage 灣 廠 a certain number of times, plus cheap cost 優 勢 , stage 灣 業 person if do not have the 實 force of 堅 強 , enter 戰 of case of 惡 sex 價 very easily with respect to 淪 in. 陳 comes 誠 觀 examine, a lot of more current on the west the 業 of 織 of stage 灣 紡 of 進 person, openly 臨 writes pattern not the difficult position with large 夠 . Additional 類 poor 異 thinks of 維 to make 產 taste 價 is worth   and 決 stays in stage 灣 surely, need the other shore of 須 face 對 is the same as the 爭 of low cost 競 of 業, 陳 comes 誠 think hard a long time, 認 為 solves the path of 決 to be in: " 創 builds poor 異 , make the 價 cost that 產 tastes 來 ! " of unripe 產 of 傑 of   a person of extraordinary powers is special 纖 維, with general 纖 維 very big different 處 is in at: Demand of general 纖 維 is big, 適 closes many, whole batch unripe 產; But special 纖 維 has his specific utility, offer 戶 of 給 specific settle or live in a strange place only, but 稱 is gotten going up is guest 製 is changed take 務 . 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers fights the 廠 room of 6, it is the labour 廠 that stage 灣 gives birth to 產 製 the earliest to build special 纖 維 to machine 絲. That 時, the demand 極 that stage 灣 對 tastes at 紡 of 維 of functional sex 纖 is little, also need with respect to 連 raw material mouth of 進 of 須 從 Japan. And the 紡 of 維 of functional sex 纖 of unripe 產 of 傑 of inchoate a person of extraordinary powers is tasted, it is to answer 銷 to go to Japan. 卻 also 為 the 達 requirement to Japanese 嚴 case, 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers not 斷 is excelsior, accordingly, taste 質 and ability 術 can 夠 all the time 領 is the same as 業 first. " mean the volume with total sweep the deck, it is 業 of 織 of 紡 of inchoate stage 灣 person the method of deal, also be current the 經 營 means of big 陸 company. " 陳 points out to 誠 , the heavy 點 with current 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers is the 價 standard that uses ideal, 3 what give birth to 產 to give 來 , 賣 of 000 噸 special 絲 is dropped can, and not the 無 like the person that 會 hopes to resemble big 陸 業 is restricted 擴 charges 產 amount, look forward to hopes include is all guest 戶 . Because of the 經 營 means of 為 這 樣 , most 終 會 returns 爭 of 價 case 競 again. Taste fine of 優 of 術 of 質 , ability, add 確 of essence of life to take aim 準 Leakey city 場 , 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers not only because 較 of 為 規 model is small,did not have and suffer be restricted, instead can the 營 that 夠 holds 續 to keep good receives the benefit that reach 獲 , before the stage 灣 that 7 years 誌 of 雜 of the world of 進 a list of names posted up publishs 連 續 1, 000 big 製 build 業 name 單 . Brand 產 tastes those who reach company spirit to delay 續   為 貫 徹 " 產 taste 價 value to make 來 " 經 營 concept, 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers at in July 2003, push out to have brand Texcare, 機 of main travel 銷 can the gender machines 絲. " have a brand because of 為 , ability is OK the poor 異 that 創 builds 價 to be worth is changed. " 陳 to 誠 強 effectively 說 path. 傑 of its 實 a person of extraordinary powers also has the brand of 別 before Texcare, if use 來 of functional sex 質 directly with general 業 bound,do brand name 稱 and 識 別. But 現 of after 來 發, one function of use 單 makes a brand, if can not delay 續 to go down, all devoted painstaking care reach cost before, 會 all 歸 0, and 還 should build new brand again afresh. 陳 is decided because of this 決 to 誠 at the renown 稱 that 統 used Texcare to do 產 of 傑 of 為 a person of extraordinary powers to taste 2003, 並 and bad news 費 資 of 7 數 鉅 , 別 of 識 of brand of 計 of new 設 of company of 計 of 設 of 業 of the 專 that hire 請 fastens 統, 項 issues recycle 顏 color to try sex of 區 cent function, 費 of convenient pass the time in a leisurely way person the characteristic that understands each 項 產 to taste clearly more. At present 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers grinds successfully already 發 gives 眾 much 機 can sexual 纖 維, the person that 並 gives 業 of 織 of 紡 of 貨 給 whole world, 製 becomes the clothing and other articles of daily use that various and different 訴 seeks, on city 場 銷 makes work. Suck 濕 to discharge 維 of 纖 of sweat 纖 維, hollow heat preservation for example, fight ultraviolet 維 of 纖 of charcoal of Mi Zhu of 維 of 纖 of bright of 線 纖 維, 涼 , Nai, 環 protects 維 of second birth 纖 to wait. 陳 comes 誠 more divulge, 現 階 Duan Zheng goes to reach 強 newlier to change in 進 of 別 of 對 brand 識. The main item ground that 標 of brand of 現 some Texcare shows, it is to should be in disappear 費 person 鮮 stays in the heart bright impression, and 計 of 設 of 別 of 識 of the 2nd acting brand, 則 會 more the watch 達 that adds 產 of 強 each 種 to taste functional sex. One 來 of 這 樣 , brand of Texcare 這 個 and 標 are shown, the life abide 環 that 會 tastes because of 為 產 is finished and do not disappear, " fully 過 is annual new 產 tastes not 斷 is rolled out, the brand is able to delay 續 all the time, 20 years of after, the 強 of the brand spends the worth that reach 價, with respect to 會 clear 顯 gives 來 . " 陳 fills 說 of 滿 self-confident ground to 誠 . See rain of 風 of 經 of 歷 of the 傑 that write a person of extraordinary powers, and can walk out of one 條 屬 the road at oneself, 陳 believes to 誠 , not 來 , still the stage that 會 has 熱 of light of 發 of 傑 of a person of extraordinary powers of one 個 讓 , 發.

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