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Jiangsu shoots this world: The difficulty that spin look forward to is heavy sta
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Recently, chinese cotton association entrusts Jiangsu to save association of cotton of county ejaculation this world nearly 5 years to this county pily industry situation made investigation. Findings makes clear, at present enterprise of this county cotton spinning faces heavy difficulty, gauze imaginary number of output statistics data is larger. Development of business of spin of cotton of county ejaculation this world is rapidder, increase 30 current by 22 of 2003, produce can increase 686 thousand ingot by 443 thousand ingot, amplitude is amounted to 55% . Among them 2 of above of 50 thousand ingot, 14 of 10 thousand ingot of 1-5, 14 under 10 thousand ingot. Because dimensions of most spin enterprise is lesser, product class on the low side, lack market competition ability consequently. 2007, suffer cost of capital inadequacy, production to rise, the product is sold not a variety of element influences such as free, entire county has stop production of 3 spin company, 13 companies go into operation is not worth badly, just keep simple production for tarry worker, of normal production have 14 companies only, among them what full load produces is only 7. Enterprise of this county spin is immersed in heavy difficulty. On the other hand, the portion of statistical data water of spin enterprise is larger. From investigation the circumstance looks, 2003 -2007 year entire county accumulative total reports gauze crop to be 525 thousand tons, and the gauze yield that checks with the enterprise is 444 thousand tons, signed up for many tons 80 thousand 5 many years, year all rate of make a false report is amounted to 18% . Investigate its reason, it is statistical caliber, arrive from 2003 2006, statistical gauze crop did not distinguish bombazine and yarn of ramie; 2 it is the economic responsibility goal that partial enterprise defines to complete the beginning of the year, report gauze crop at will, numbering off on some is an enterprise unexpectedly 3 times of actual output, some company the beginning of the year already stop production, there is output statistics all the same end of the year; 3 it is to repeat statistic, if some enterprise already was bought by another enterprise, but when statistical gauze crop, both sides has a report. Shoot the circumstance of in relief county, in the whole nation or have catholicity, it is gauze crop and the main reason that measure unbalance with cotton, also obstacle the concerned branch judgement to pily situation. To this problem, shoot proposal of association of cotton of in relief county: It is to should make sure statistical data is true and reliable. Suggest various government is carried out seriously with concerned branch carry out " statistical law " , teach statistical personnel, establish correct statistical concept, cogent improve working style, pertinent information data, data should have true primitive account; About the data that the branch reports to basic level, want to hold to sampling observation to check, raise the authenticity of statistical data. 2 it is to should increase ability to change investment, enhance the market competition ability of cotton spinning product. Spin industry competition is more intense this year, be sure to drive new major key of round of structure is whole, still will have a share probably the enterprise is restricted to produce or stop production. To cast off predicament, answer to propose cotton spinning business actively, accelerate structural adjustment, increase ability to change investment, enhance the market competition ability of the product, those who realize cotton spinning industry is new span.

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