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Guangdong beauty elegant sprint keeps card answer town
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Recombine through asset and debt, join a company change, s*ST beauty is elegant (000529.SZ, say below " Guangdong beauty is elegant " ) protect card answer city to work to be being quickened. On May 7, guangdong beauty is elegant restore to appear on the market the job releases announcement to say, the company is planning actively asset recombines and debt recombines matters concerned, of the company change the job to also will recombine union to undertake with asset. Announcement says, the respect recombines in debt, guangdong beauty is elegant recombine matters concerned to already reached intent with respect to debt with relevant creditor, in the job is being examined and approve to undertaking related; In the meantime, company assets recombines the job to go well at present, company and recombine to just recombine matters concerned to already reached unanimous opinion with respect to asset, preliminary made recombine plan. Before this, guangdong beauty is elegant issued announcement on May 5, this company large stockholder and Guangdong save An Hong asset to manage limited company to make over an agreement at signing share on December 26, 2007, plan to make over place to hold our company 29. The equity of 68% . After wide great company plans to make over an agreement to sign in this second share, control a partner potentially as this company, along with other blame is current partner puts forward equity to divide buy to reform motion. Equity makes over afore-mentioned large stockholder to already won state of the State Council at present endowment appoint approval. According to announcement, up to now, this company already to be not 22 times entirely current a partner hair case, receive a share blame is current of a partner change motion, but those who receive change motion to had be notted achieve blame is current 2/3 of a partner capital stock. Guangdong beauty is elegant it is one is given priority to with textile industry, hold battalion concurrently plastic industry, hotel is managed, the blanket with the big company group of business of investment of negotiable securities of estate development, foreign trade, banking and the greatest whole world produces manufacturer. Because came 2003 successive 2005 3 years of deficit, this company stock already appeared on the market at was being suspended by Shenzhen stock exchange on May 15, 2006.