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Group of ability of 10 thousand engineering course innovates independently 3 hap
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Liang Liping) completion of new plant area of system of air-jet loom electric control, Sino-South Korean is joint-stock the put into production of product line of sewing machine CNC of content of start business of company of sewing machine of machine of essence of life of 10 thousand work, hi-tech -- 3 happy event of group of ability of 10 thousand engineering course faced Jiangsu recently the door. On April 28, the country develops and the pace is sending vice-chairman of federation of chief of reform commission concerned branch, China light industry, president of newspaper office of spin of Gao Yong of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry, China is late director of association of tailor of Zong Jun, China spin of cropland civilian abundant, China is mechanical equipment, and the honored guest such as the concerned leader of city of Jiangsu province, Suzhou, Wu Jiang city, expert in all 100 much people attended celebration ceremony. The production of research and development that group of ability of 10 thousand engineering course basically is engaged in sewing machine of component of industrial sewing machine, industry, air-jet loom reachs foreign trade. The intelligence of air-jet loom high end of the group changes a network to control systematic new plant area to always invest 30 million yuan, imported the top-ranking equipment on the world, produce those who be domestic air-jet loom and transform lay solid technical foundation. The electric control system that 10 thousand labour produce, already many 200 form a complete set uses the WG2000 in oneself air-jet loom to go up, changed group by group 6 factories, 4 factories and Wu Jiangping look at Zhengzhou country cotton foreign Buddhist nun the entrance air-jet loom of the company is electronic-controlled box. This system performance characteristics is stable, can reduce user facilities to purchase cost. 10 thousand labour are spun machine the opportunity that had grasped air-jet loom, report is full core technology, this system is changed for achievement of science and technology by Jiangsu province project approving project, be sent to change by the country appoint project approving is " 915 " first spin machine is great technical equipment project. The research and development that company of Korea god horse basically pursues motor of servo of component of industrial sewing machine, car, electron and production and foreign trade, it is one of companies that industry of Korea sewing machine has actual strength most. Establish this together with group of 10 thousand industry joint ventures -- company of aircraft of essence of life of 10 thousand work, can make bilateral advantage gets further complementary. The joint ventures plans to always invest 10 million dollar, both sides holds 50% share each, first phase registers capital 1.16 million dollar, at present product line already was finished debug and throw production. This is the world's top-ranking product line, basically be engaged in the manufacturing treatment of sewing machine of special type industry, produce per year a quantity to amount to 50 thousand. 2 period the project will create joint-stock new plant area, throw two again flexible product line, produce per year 150 thousand, implementation sells 300 million yuan of RMBs, the change sewing machine of our country high end relies on the situation of the entrance, promote the equipment of manufacturing industry of our country sewing machine class. Gao Yong expresses in celebration speech, promoting domestic loom the standard as soon as possible is a when our country spins machine industry main task. 10 thousand labour air-jet loom is electric control system gets offline, for next batch production lays next foundations, level of homebred to promotion air-jet loom is drive strongly. Zhou Ping of president of group of ability of 10 thousand engineering course, general manager expresses Jiangsu, the business will be vigorous enterprising, innovate ceaselessly, serve for the client better.

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