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Hengcheng wool spinning attends 2008 Beijing Chun Xia fabrics to exhibit be paid
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Glamour and   of elegant demeanour   on March 27, fabrics of spin of 2008 China International reachs by a definite date complementary makings (Chun Xia) exposition is filled in center of exhibition of Beijing China International situation kick off. Current exhibit can exhibit an area to amount to 48000 square metre, than last year the corresponding period grows 23 % , share 1129 when come from 14 countries and area ginseng that postpone business to exhibit (business is postponed inside its China 900, abroad ginseng postpones business 229) , item on display covers silk of bud of fabrics of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fibber, function, knitting, embroider, complementary makings, CAD to wait. The corresponding period begins still yarn is exhibited, dress is exhibited, new technology is exhibited and tailor equipment is exhibited. On March 28, du Yu of association of Chinese textile industry continent chairman group will to Heng Cheng exhibit, be full of interest to the ground saw a product and contain a company with constant Tang Zong manager is amiable chat, understood the manufacturing situation of the company and sale channel in detail; Care and affirmed the development situation that Heng Chengmao spins; Encourage an enterprise to pass all sorts of means to reveal his fabrics through product of famous brand dress come out, want as close together as stylist of famous brand dress combination, many high-quality goods, make contribution more for career of nation, the people's livelihood. In exhibition of 3 days, hengcheng wool spinning recieves the person that call in in all 500 much people, come from home to develop respectively the clothing manufacturer of the area, agency and 12 national foreign traders. Tao Ji Hengcheng saves exclusive ginseng to postpone business as Jilin, with 63 square metre exhibit a glamour that deduced essence of life to spin fabrics jointly with domestic person of the same trade and elegant demeanour.