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Jiangsu is promoted change yarn product to sell weak price dovish move
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The near future, jiangsu starts the spin business that turn still stagnant, although yarn product sale is delicate, but sale price however can dovish move, this lets local spin enterprise feel slightly the heart is installed. As we have learned, before paragraph enterprise of time place spin is purchased to raw material maintaining all the time not urgent not the rhythm of delay, increase likely next purchase strength, because,this is: It is a course of period of time use up, raw material inventory begins to drop, purchase raw material imperative; 2 it is the traditional busy season that was spin market May, spin enterprise accepts the order the situation takes a favourable turn somewhat, demand increases, can increase raw material reserve appropriately below the premise with financing enough volume; 3 it is the demand that spin enterprise stems from manufacturing technology to match cotton, want to purchase cotton of partial high order and degree. Additional, local pure cotton 32 general comb the average price of gauze is 19650 yuan / ton, pure cotton 40 general comb gauze all valence is 20600 yuan / ton, pure cotton 40 combing gauze all valence is 23400 yuan / ton, all keep balance with two weeks of sale price before.