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Rely on technology and quality to enhance company competition ability
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Face the price of factor of production such as raw material, labour force to reside the current situation that does not play high, a lot of spin enterprises put delay the pace of updating equipment. As rolled steel price all the way violent wind rises, spun aircraft company to end the high speed that come 8 years to send exhibition period. A variety of evidence make clear, low competes already the advantage is absent, the times that relies on competition of technology, quality has come. Although be in the process that our country textile industry develops scale of 100 million ingot, the amount that spins aircraft company and produce also can get rapid dilate. But because home is very much the innovation ability of the enterprise is fragile, lack has the fist product of own intellectual property, its product is destined to be able to rely on low get victory only. Current, the decline of American economy, global economy inaccuracy decides an element increase, make include to spin machine industry inside Chinese manufacturing industry bore all-time pressure. Spin worker pay environment of big, work needs strength of low, labor the corner that waits for disadvantage to make a few factories are immersed in labour force to be in short supply, labor cost raises. On one hand, the dollar depreciates, pound, euro, yen appreciates, make import material, form a complete set cost rises. Spin machine product to suffer with what metallic stuff gives priority to rise in price element impact is huge, if automatic winding machine imports 3 big -- splice of yarn clearer of groovy canister, electron, air implement change collected cost to increase 20 % above. And the price of rolled steel, nonferrous metal 2007 go up a more than 10 % , the price first quarter rose again this year 20 % of 10 % ~ . Again criterion, spin machinery still suffers textile industry to develop the effect of the state, home lasts structure of old low competition market, make a lot of spinning aircraft company, especially in a few production cheap the business that spins machine product, gain is meager, finance is entered not apply goes out. "Superior bad discard, survival of the fittest " developmental law can bring about those who run not good at company to close necessarily person. As policy of national adjusting control carry out, textile industry structural adjustment is accelerated, a few have the spin enterprise of actual strength to increase technical reformation strength, buy high-grade spin aircraft equipment, produce high-grade dry goods. According to custom statistic, long-term since the posture with not much entrance of product of spinning machine instrument has been broken. Jiangsu province imported spinning machine 2007 3. 6.5 billion dollar, grow 54 compared to the same period. 64 % . According to the analysis, the main reason that imports grow in quantity of spinning machine instrument at high price depends on a few homebred spinning machine instrument product is on adaptability of product stability, breed the requirement that still cannot satisfy an user. Textile industry structural adjustment period had come, a few experts predict this is adjusted period need 3 ~ 5 years time. Spin aircraft company whether live in adjust, be about to see an enterprise whether have innovation capacity, whether does its product have the actual strength that competes with foreign enterprise. The times that relies on competition of technology, quality has come, innovation just is those who spin aircraft company live the path of development.

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