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China exports raw material of fish of DDVP chub mackerel to come from Denmark
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News of the State Council does 28 days to hold a press conference in the morning, national quality is supervised examine toxic incident investigates boiled dumpling of Japan of deputy director general of investigation bureau of criminal of Wei Chuanzhong of deputy director general of quarantine total bureau, the Ministry of Public Security Introduction Yu Xinmin progress circumstance, answer the reporter asks.

Japanese reporter:

Excuse me more than deputy director general, about the way issue that takes armour amine phosphor, a moment ago your specification causes this dumpling the armour amine phosphor of toxic incident, also not be in China to produce certainly, have the possibility that produces in the Three Kingdoms.

Chinese police how the problem of the way that look upon wins armour amine phosphor, have thread?

Still have a problem excuse me deputy director general of the Kingdom of Wei, toxic event produces this in county of library of 1000 leaves, arms later, japan announced the food check that many China make to give the event of the problem again. The percent of pass of the food that the food that you a moment ago introduced China to be exported to Japan exports to China than Japan is tall, discovered these problems, it how should solve ability is good to how should solve ability? Thank.

Wei Chuanzhong:

I answer this question first. You are mixed recently I, paying close attention to China to be defeated by solar eclipse to taste safe problem with everybody. Pledge check total bureau holds a press conference twice continuously recently, also responded to these problems. I also notice, recently a period, the chub mackerel fish that has Chinese export detects give DDVP to exceed bid, steamed stuffed bun of leek of the leek that has Chinese export, shelled fresh shrimps detects give farming incomplete to exceed bid, from the cuttlefish day that Zhejiang speaks Fu collect product detects a problem that exceeds bid about farming incomplete.

We had these a few problems serious investigation and check, and was released concern a message, here since you put forward, we also make brief reply.

The chub mackerel fish that about Shandong company of king of power sea eaves exports detects the issue that gives DDVP to exceed bid, the raw material that place of eaves king company uses is the chub mackerel fish that Denmark imports, did not use DDVP between each link of production. Shandong examines quarantine bureau examines with power sea quarantine bureau applies together the most advanced detect method and testing instrument, item-by-item undertook detecting to all products, without discovery DDVP transcends the problem of mark.

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