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Breed predict 250 million yuan to reap net profit this year
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Since entering a winter, soft-shelled turtle became people table to enter those who fill " noble " , suffer fully chase after hold in both hands, price is ceaseless go up raise. The town such as horizontal column, board Fu, triangle breeds a pond of senior officer of good value of the busy fish market that take the advantage of armour to receive a fish to appear on the market. Check of the personage inside course of study this year prices of Zhongshan soft-shelled turtle, outstanding achievement not common: Whole town breeds an area 760 hectare, average mu produce about 1000 kilograms, produce per year a quantity to make an appointment with 10 million kilograms, pond head price makes an appointment with 48 yuan / kilogram, total production value makes an appointment with 500 million yuan, breed door predict about 250 million yuan to be able to reap net profit.
Late on December 11, grand course of study is pressed down in horizontal column aquiculture field, see only breed belt of large family bridge to get the better of dry pond of personnel of constituent breed aquatics catchs soft-shelled turtle, the He Xi buying the home that comes from Guangzhou with 48 yuan / kilogram the sheet below price bought his 10500 kilograms soft-shelled turtle. Bridge belt gets the better of the introduction, he bred many mus of 200 soft-shelled turtle this year, every mus put in a suitable place to breed soft-shelled turtle 2000, 3000, survival rate 80, 90% . Deduct breed integrated cost 24 yuan / kilogram, mu profit is amounted to 10 thousand multivariate, he is pure earn many yuan 200. Value soft-shelled turtle city to, bridge belt is gotten the better of building canopy of live through the winter now, investment took young plant of 500 thousand soft-shelled turtle many yuan 100, exploit a victory and on continue to raise 200 mus of soft-shelled turtle.
Zhongshan soft-shelled turtle breeds this year, 89 into breed door breed a success, produce per year a quantity to take the in part of Guangdong total output about.